Trieu Lo Tu kissed her "husband" on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy

Uyển ĐìnhJun 17, 2024 at 21:31

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Recently on social networks, Trieu Lo Tu caused a fever with a romantic moment with her "screen husband" Tran Vy Dinh right on the street. After being widely shared, many fans expressed concern about the couple's relationship because of this one point.

On June 10, the movie Let Me Shine, adapted from the novel Dai Kieu Tieu Kieu by author Truong Duyet Nhien, officially held its opening ceremony, with the participation of the main cast. In the movie, they are Trieu Lo Tu, Tran Vy Dinh, Van Bang (second female)...

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 1

Let Me Shine is one of Trieu Lo Tu's new projects, paired with 13 years older - Tran Vy Dinh. In the film, Tran Vy Dinh and Trieu Lo Tu play a couple, one is a talented female reporter, the other is a gallant general director.

After the project announced the first information, the two faced opposition from a large audience, because the age difference was too large. However, through the first images "leaked" from the studio, many people were "turned away" by the beauty of the two.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 2

Even though security is strictly enforced, some scenes in Trieu Lo Tu's new movie were still caught by "paparazzi". Recently, netizens passed around the moment Trieu Lo Tu - Tran Vy Dinh shared a sweet kiss on the lips at the set of Let Me Shine.

In the kiss scene that just went viral, Tran Vy Dinh and Trieu Lo Tu wore bright outfits. Both impress with their balanced physique and radiant state. While Tran Vy Dinh exudes mystery in sunglasses, Trieu Lo Tu is extremely seductive in an off-the-shoulder design. The two met each other on the road and gave each other a sweet kiss.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 3

On the forums, the audience went c.razy over the extremely good chemistry the couple created. The two look very compatible, with almost no age difference. From here, Tran Vy Dinh and his juniors were also enthusiastically "pushed" by the people.

However, in the comments section, many viewers expressed concern for the couple's fate in the final stage. They think that, usually, Chinese films start with sweet scenes, which often become sad and painful later. This makes the audience worry that the main couple will have a sad ending. However, this is only the concern of a part of the audience, the film crew has not revealed anything more.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 4

In the film, Trieu Lo Tu plays female reporter Hua Nghien, a poor g.irl who had an unhappy childhood but is always full of resilience and strong self-reliance. We haven't discussed the issue of Trieu Lo Tu's acting in this project, because the movie hasn't aired yet, but at least people are very satisfied with the luxurious office appearance of the Trieu beauty that has just been revealed. recently revealed.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 5

As previously revealed, the television version of Let Me Shine will be significantly renewed after it airs, because the original film is about sisterhood. The content of the TV version will mainly revolve around the life of the female lead Hua Nghien, a strong woman who refused to give in to fate and experienced an unfulfilling marriage with the perfect CEO Tham Hao. Minh (Tran Vy Dinh).

Although Trieu Lo Tu's age and career are not comparable to Tran Vy Dinh, she can compete with her senior. According to the blogger, although Tran Vy Dinh is only in session 2, he has no opinion. On the other hand, the actor's fans are very dissatisfied with this position.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 6

However, there are still quite a few netizens who are excited about this 13-year age difference between Tran Vy Dinh and Trieu Lo Tu. Many netizens also praised the handsome man Lao Cuu Mon's charisma that meets the standards of a domineering general.

Trieu Lo Tu kissed her husband on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy - Photo 7

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