Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen'

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Trieu Le Dinh is recognized as one of the actresses with acting ability of the Chinese screen. The films with her participation are successful and attract a certain number of viewers. However, few people know that to get to today's success, what Trieu Le Dinh has to go through is not easy.

At the beginning of her career, Trieu Le Dinh was once commented by the director that she could not be an actress because of her chubby face. But with his passion for acting and his best efforts, Dinh Bao proved to the world that nothing is impossible before perseverance. However, the path that she followed was not easy and quick, it took nearly 2 decades for her to write Trieu Le Dinh's name in the starry sky of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 1

The works that made Trieu Le Dinh's name

Coming from a peasant family, from a young age, she had to struggle to make a living, making a small g.irl Trieu Le Dinh raise her mind to change her life. At the same time, she also discovered her passion for acting, so she decided to pursue this path.

In 2006, Trieu Le Dinh won the Yahoo Search Star game. After that, she joined Hoa Nghi Brother and acted in Trinh Hieu Long's Golden Wedding in 2007.

2 years later, the first historical role went to Trieu Le Dinh in the project Thuong Khuong Chi Mao. In addition to the enthusiastic support of the audience, the film was also highly appreciated by critics. Thanks to Thuong Khuong Chi Mao, Trieu Le Dinh was honored to receive the most favorite actress a.ward.

Thua win, Tan Hong Lau Mong is the next project to bring Trieu Le Dinh into the mainland market. In the film, she plays the teenage role of the character Figure Tu Yen.

In 2011, Trieu Le Dinh participated in Tan Hoan Chau Cach Cach. This is the work that brings the name Trieu Le Dinh closer to the audience. The film is adapted from the classic novel by writer Quynh Dao, set in the Qianlong period. Trieu Le Dinh transforms into Tinh Nhi, a lovely and lovely princess. The deep love of Tinh Nhi and Tieu Kiem received a lot of love from the audience. Trieu Le Dinh's role as Princess Tinh Nhi was loved and left in the audience at that time.

A year later, there was a debut lead role as To Quan Nhi / Duong Y Lieu in Se Nham Nhan Duyen.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh's most breakthrough role is the female lead in Luc Trinh Truyen Ky 2013. Not only resonated in the country, even Korea and Japan also loved this movie.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 3

The film's content revolves around Luc Trinh (Trieu Le Dinh) who was born in a well-to-do family but suffered harsh treatment from his stepmother. She repeatedly pressed and harmed her, even conspiring to k.ill her. In order to escape from the "hell on earth", Luc Trinh participated in the audition, hiding in the palace.

With her intelligence and quickness, Luc Trinh was quickly promoted to a mandarin. In the forbidden palace, she falls in love with the handsome young man Cao Tram (Tran Hieu), helping him overcome obstacles to compete for the throne and the evil intentions of the empress dowager. With the support of Cao Vi on the throne, Luc Trinh became the most powerful female official in Dai Qi and became a legend handed down in history.

In the same year, Cung Toa Tram Huong also aired the small screen once again inculcating the image of a small g.irl with a chubby face and natural and lovely acting.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 4

Trieu Le Dinh in Cung Toa Agarwood with a completely different style. She plays the role of Luu Ly, an extremely scheming and deceitful g.irl who does not regret even her best friend because of the competition for power and favor of the emperor. It is this transformation that makes her acting so impressive to the audience. At the time the film was broadcast, many viewers thought that Luu Ly completely overwhelmed Chau Dong Vu's female lead Tram Huong.

In 2014, the love story "Sam Sam To Then" by Trieu Le Dinh and actor Truong Han was successful beyond expectations, became explosive in both domestic and foreign markets and continuously achieved many high achievements. After that, works like Truyen Ngu Truyen Ky, The Secret of the Wife, etc. were aired, further reinforcing Dinh Bao's reputation. The prestigious title of the Golden Eagle Goddess at the 10th Golden Eagle Awards was also given to this actress born in 87.

Currently, Trieu Le Dinh is busy with popular film projects. There are films still in the process of waiting to be released such as Da Man Born, Du Phuong Hanh. Especially the historical drama Du Phuong Hanh, the reunion after the success of the Department of Kieu Story by Lam Canh Tan and Trieu Le Dinh. Although only playing during filming, every move of the crew can make a stir among netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 5

Up to now, Trieu Le Dinh can be considered as the small flower that owns the largest number of works and views in the generation after 85. Not only that, her works waiting to be aired have also received many awards. equally concerned.

An incomplete marriage

Trieu Le Dinh is nicknamed by netizens as Trieu Tieu Dao because she thinks she has a poor EQ, often thinking about what to say, making the opposite person many times fall into an awkward position. Besides, there are also many rumors about Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh not liking each other, but all are still within the scope of rumors and there is no real evidence.

Along with that, Trieu Le Dinh's farming background many times made others doubt her resources. However, if you follow the journey of maturity and success of Trieu Le Dinh, fans can easily realize that what this g.irl has achieved is all thanks to her talent and efforts.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 6

But "red face is bad luck", public career is famous", Trieu Le Dinh has a regretful quick marriage.

After collaborating in Journey to the West 3 with Phung Thieu Phong, the two have a closer relationship. On October 16, 2018, the news that Trieu Le Dinh was married to Phung Thieu Phong surprised the audience. However, the majority of fans still congratulate the two happily together. In early 2019, the news that the actress was pregnant once again shocked netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 7

However, the party did not end, on April 23, 2021, both companies officially confirmed that Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong went their separate ways despite having a b.aby together. The two said they will raise Chiang Chiang together and hope that there will not be too many false rumors affecting their children and relatives.

In addition to the not-so-smooth marriage, almost Trieu Le Dinh is not involved in too many scandals like other actors and celebrities in showbiz. Instead, fans prefer to focus on Trieu Le Dinh's film works. Here are some of the most famous and successful films of the "rating queen" invite you to find out.

Impressing the audience through his innocent acting and chubby face. Trieu Le Dinh is constantly improving herself and challenging different character personalities so that each appearance impresses the audience. Looking at the length of the works, viewers can easily see the maturity and successful transformation of Trieu Le Dinh's image.

That's how great the heat of the "rating queen" is. At the same time, we must recognize and admire Trieu Le Dinh's constant efforts.

Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen' - Photo 8

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