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Zhao Liying - Feng Shaofeng announces good news to the audience: What fans have been waiting for has finally arrived!

Mộc Trà15:00:34 06/11/2023
After collaborating on Journey to the West: The C.hild Nation and Minh Lan Story, the two married and had a son. However, before they could hold the wedding, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng announced their separate ways, causing many people to be disappointed.

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Trieu Le Dinh "beats and loses" with her juniors, spends a lot of m.oney to "show off", everyone is shocked.

Nguyễn Kim18:33:23 21/10/2023
In the Du Phuong Hanh project, Trieu Le Dinh made fans admire and coo many times because of her investment in costumes. Looking at the actress's dress collection is enough to see how dedicated she is to the movie?

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Zhao Liying is pregnant for the 2nd time, Feng Shaofeng's mother promised more than 16 billion gifts if the couple reunited?

Kim Lâm07:05:54 12/09/2023
Zhao Liying was recently questioned about reuniting with her ex-husband Feng Shaofeng after 2 years of divorce because she was believed to be pregnant for the second time. In particular, the attitude of the ex-mother-in-law to turn the car attracted equally attention.

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Lam Canh Tan blushed jealously when Trieu Le Dinh was revealed to be dating a handsome guy

Bình Yên14:26:43 19/07/2023
Trieu Le Dinh is one of the most famous actresses of the current 85 generation of Cbiz. Not only has a series of successful works to help secure her name, but she also has a youthful appearance and strong age cheating.

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Trieu Le Dinh - From a rural g.irl criticized by the director to Cbiz's 'rating queen'

Nắng14:13:06 25/08/2022
Trieu Le Dinh is recognized as one of the actresses with acting ability of the Chinese screen. The films with her participation are successful and attract a certain number of viewers. However, few people know that to get to today's success, what Trieu Le Dinh has to go through...

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