Zhao Liying became a "victim" of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a "screen"?

Quỳnh QuỳnhAug 25, 2023 at 10:00

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The marriage of Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng from the beginning to the end is still of great interest to the audience. The media repeatedly reported that Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying did not part peacefully as the couple claimed.

The one-time couple said they split peacefully citing "near little, far from much" and future parenting together. But netizens said that this was not enough reason for Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng to divorce, and QQ also gave reasons that are said to have made the famous couple decide to "go their separate ways".

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 1

Recently, some media outlets published Feng Shaofeng's love history, claiming that Zhao Liying was just a victim of this broken marriage. The reason why Feng Shaofeng chose to divorce may also be related to his past romance. It was finally revealed that the previous peaceful breakup with Ni Ni was fake, the marriage of more than 3 years with Zhao Liying was just a play to cover the eyes of the world?

Since his debut, Feng Shaofeng has not stopped falling in love, perhaps because of his rich family, he has no interest in his career. Even if he doesn't work as an actor, he can still own a large fortune inherited from his family. Therefore, he really sees the workplace as a place to entertain for hobbies and is always looking for his "lover".

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 2

Compared to his career, Feng Shaofeng's personal life is more noticeable. In addition to the 3 beauties confirmed by Feng Shaofeng as Zhao Liying, Ni Ni and Lin Yun, he also entangled rumors with many female stars such as Yang Mi, Tong Thien, An Di Hien, Guo Bich Dinh ... It can be seen that after breaking up with his lover not long ago, the public saw the actor born in 1978 side by side with his new love.

Regarding Zhao Liying's 3-year marriage, there were always rumors that it was just a play that blinded the public. The male star just wanted to go on a "surfing" date, but did not expect Zhao Liying to get pregnant. Because the son was born less than 6 months after the couple announced their marriage. Three years together, the man refused to get married, citing various reasons for refusing to marry Zhao Liying even though they had a son.

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 3

In fact, when Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng got married, many people thought they were in too much of a hurry. The couple kept it private throughout their relationship until it was rumored that Zhao Liying was pregnant. Zhao Liying initially denied this, but after a short time she suddenly announced her marriage. This action led many people to believe that she and Feng Shaofeng were in a hurry to get married because they were pregnant before marriage. Perhaps in Zhao Liying's plan, she hadn't even thought about getting married at that time.

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 4

Sohu has revealed rare information about Zhao Liying's wedding, Feng Shaofeng. Accordingly, 2 actors used to have a simple wedding in their hometown. It was just a meeting of 2 family parties, the guests were just a few relatives and friends.

Page 163 reports that Zhao Liying was unhappy about his simple wedding. Even the actress showed her annoyance. However, after 3 years of living together, Feng Shaofeng has not been able to organize a grand wedding for her.

In addition, many sources claim that the Feng family did not accept Zhao Liying as her daughter-in-law because she came from a poor rural background. After working as a bridegroom, the actress was often estranged and despised by her mother-in-law.

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 5

It can be said that although Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng have been divorced for 3 years, the couple's love story still takes a lot of media ink. Many sources believe that the reason why the couple "broke up" was because the Feng family had a traditional mindset, but Zhao Liying was a modern bride. However, the real reason why the 2 stars broke up is probably only known to insiders. But even so, the two have never publicly denounced each other, they save face for each other because children are not something everyone can do.

Zhao Liying became a victim of Feng Shaofeng, a 3-year marriage was just a screen? - Photo 6

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