Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together?

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Recently, the Chinese paparazzi have captured extremely rare images of Zhao Liying with his young son.

According to Chinese-language media, the 'Heavenly Flower' beauty took her son out to play, taking advantage of the time when there was no work schedule.

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 1

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 2

Through the image recorded by the media, Zhao Liying dressed casually with a red jacket combined with light-colored pants and a cap and a closed mask.

As for Zhao Liying's son, he wore a white T-shirt and lovely shorts. From the images recorded by the Chinese-language media, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng's sons received many compliments from the online community for their lovely and mischievous appearance.

After finishing an outing, Zhao Liying put his son in the car. The mother and daughter Zhao Liying returned to Feng Shaofeng's house together. Next, Lady 'Flower of Heavenly Essence' got into the car and returned to her home. Recently, it was reported that Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng were likely to reunite. The couple also once appeared together, after 2 years of divorce.

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng became friends thanks to their co-starring in the film "Journey to the West: The C.hild Nation". The two worked well together in the film. In 2018, the pair of artists continued to reunite in the Minh Lan Truyen project, bringing both of them many awards and a large fan base.

In the same year, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng suddenly announced the news of their marriage. This surprised the public because there had been no previous indication that the couple was dating. On March 8, 2019, the two announced the birth of their first son.

In a TV show, Feng Shaofeng once shared about Zhao Liying that he likes her for her freedom, comfort, and clear thinking when faced with anything. That gave him a sense of security. Feng Shaofeng also accidentally mentioned his son's nickname. Even, because he was afraid that his wife would not be happy to r.eveal his son's private affairs, he reported to Zhao Liying before the program.

By April 2021, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng made the public turn on their backs by announcing their divorce. However, the attitude of both after the breakdown of their marriage is one of mutual respect. Neither Zhao Liying nor Feng Shaofeng had ever smeared or spoken badly about each other or their marriage.

Meanwhile, Zhao Liying remarried to Phung Shaofeng, also gifted a villa worth nearly VND 400 billion by his mother-in-law, which has shocked Chinese showbiz in recent days. In the past, the couple has made the public regret their divorce after a long time. Both are top actors, so their private lives are always of public interest.

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 3

Recently, the paparazzi captured images of the couple appearing together with their young son, raising questions about the reunion. Sohu, citing Hong Kong media, said Feng Shaofeng's mother was trying to win Zhao Liying's favor. According to this information, after the divorce, Feng Shaofeng had a bad life, and his reputation and psychology were affected.

Many people consider that Phung Shaofeng's golden age is over and now can only take on male and supporting roles in h.ot projects. Besides, there are rumors that Feng Shaofeng was really 'immersed' in love with his ex-wife, leading to difficulty recovering from the divorce.

Therefore, Feng Shaofeng's mother decided to give a villa worth 100 million yuan (equivalent to nearly 400 billion VND) to Zhao Liying as a gift to her heart. Perhaps she wanted to revive her son by helping him heal with his ex-wife.

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 4

However, this information is only based on the blogger's source and there is no real evidence. It was reported that Zhao Liying was no longer interested in this marriage and refused Feng Shaofeng's mother's gift. As a top actress in Cbiz, the 100 million yuan mansion probably doesn't have much value in Zhao Liying's eyes. There are many opinions that the only relationship between the two currently revolves around their young son.

This issue has not been confirmed or denied by either side. The public is still waiting for official information. Fans of the couple split into two conflicting opinions, with supporters of reuniting to raise their son, who said they shouldn't try to hold on to the past.

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 5

In October 2018, Chinese viewers were surprised by the news that the top Chinese actor couple Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng got married. Because the time of acquaintance until marriage of the two is quite short. Unfortunately, only a year later the two divorced. Whether or not to heal is likely to take time from both insiders and the public to know.

Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together? - Photo 6

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