Zhao Liying was "caught alive" to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband?

XukaSep 04, 2023 at 15:24

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Zhao Liying still has "Feng Heng" and "Tiger Langzhi" yet to be shown, but fans still feel very impatient when it has been about 5 months since the actress has not joined the new crew.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 1

However, Zhao Liying has clearly gone through the stage of risking his life to act in a movie to keep his hotness and relationship with the platform. Currently, she will be more fastidious and cautious in her choices to have truly impressive roles in the hearts of the audience.

Recently, Chinese media discovered that Zhao Liying went to eat with famous director Chen Khatan. It is rumored that Zhao Liying's upcoming work is a film, a realistic theme, a film that can be taken to competition. The Zhao beauty's meeting with director Chen Khaxin further strengthened this rumor.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 2

Chen is a famous and powerful director and producer from Hong Kong (China). He was even nicknamed "Hong Kong movie tycoon".

Tran Kha Tan is the person behind the success of famous cinematic works such as Song Thanh Advisor, Kim Chi Ngoc Diep, Dien Honey, Ten Nguyet Vi Thanh, Dear Son, Hello Chi Hoa ...

Director Tran Kha Tan is very influential and respected in the world. The artists who have collaborated with him can be mentioned as Truong Quoc Vinh, Vien Vinh Nghi, Mai Diem Phuong, Luu Duc Hoa, Jet Li, Kim Thanh Vu, Trieu Vy, Zhang Ziyi, Chau Tan....

Therefore, if Zhao Liying can really collaborate with director Chen Khaxin, whether she wins awards or not, the box office is good or not, at least, what is certain is that Xiao Hua will have a "not medium" role.

In another development, this time, Zhao Liying was in doubt about missing her ex-husband.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 3

In 2018, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng suddenly announced their marriage but did not get married because the actress at that time was pregnant with her first son. This information took fans by surprise.

Thinking that this would be a happy landing for Xiao Hua, less than 3 years later, Zhao Liying announced that she was divorced, and custody of the children belonged to Feng Shaofeng.

Recently, Feng Shaofeng returned to the screen, collaborating with Jing Dian in Imitating Feng Liu. Accordingly, the couple posted many intimate images in the film on the day of their d.eath, in order to promote the film.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 4

Besides, on this same day, netizens discovered that Zhao Liying also silently posted pictures of sitting drinking beer on the balcony. Many comments speculated that the actress was feeling lonely and ashamed to see her ex-husband busy with her beautiful young colleague.

However, her fans fired back, claiming that the divorce has been a long time and the two are no longer in love. The posting of beer drinking pictures is just sharing Zhao Liying's private life with fans, not showing any nostalgia for anyone else.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 5

It is known that previously, in April 2021, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng kept their friendship after breaking up. Accordingly, Shao Feng once pursued his ex-wife, offering to "break the mirror again" but Zhao Liying refused because he felt used to the single life.

After the divorce, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng both had new work projects, so their son was mainly taken care of by his grandmother. Whenever she has a day off, the actress takes advantage of going to Shanghai to take her children out.

In December 2021, paparazzi recorded Zhao Liying coming to Feng Shaofeng's house to pick up his children at the amusement park. An acquaintance of Feng Shaofeng's family said they both wanted their son to fully feel the love of both parents, so they maintained contact and meeting.

The two actors also don't shy away from each other at work. The source said that recently, a production company invited Feng Shaofeng and Li Bingbing to star in the new project. But Li Bingbing found the role unsuitable for her, so he introduced Zhao Liying instead. Li Bingbing met with Zhao Liying with the producer, and Feng Shaofeng was also present to discuss the project.

Zhao Liying was caught alive to eat with 1 special person while still missing her ex-husband? - Photo 6

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