Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together?

KikoMay 18, 2023 at 13:41

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Returning extremely brilliantly with a series of movie awards and major TV shows, but Tran Thanh continues to be entangled in a drama with Vlogger JVevermind, it is worth mentioning that this is not the only person who has said "accused" of being bullied by Tran. Thanh "pressing".

After a period of silence because of the noisy series, Tran Thanh marked his return with 2 major awards at the Da Nang Asian Film Festival. Accordingly, he was honored in the categories of Best Director and Best Vietnamese Film for Nha Ba Nu.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 1

However, Tran Thanh asked his wife Hari Won to receive the a.ward directly. After that, he posted photos of 2 celebratory trophies on his personal page. After two awards at the film festival, Tran Thanh continued to attract attention when he continued to hold the role of MC at 2 h.ot shows, Rap Viet and Who Is It.

According to the image of the "crossover team" recorded, Tran Thanh appeared with a new image when recording for the hottest rap program today. As for Who It Is, Tran Thanh has released an official poster about his leading role.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 2

It can be said that Rap Viet and Who Is It are two programs associated with the name of Tran Thanh. However, the return of the male MC this time was not liked by a part of the public. The cause stemming from the scandals in the past and the most wavering is the statement "brilliant halo".

In addition to the comeback, which still received mixed opinions, Tran Thanh continued to be entangled in the noise. Specifically, a few days ago, a 13-hour clip of JVevermind attracted the attention of the audience when calling Tran Thanh's name. JV said that when they both participated in an advertising project 6 years ago, he was scolded by Tran Thanh in the middle of the set for his bad acting and missed the male MC's plan to leave early.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 3

JVevermind shared, Tran Thanh insulted and scolded him badly because he thought he could not act, while he was not a professional actor and everyone in the group was not as heavy as Tran Thanh at that time. In addition, JVevermind also said that at that time, he really wanted to "physically affect" or "swipe his cheeks" Tran Thanh because he was so angry, but in the end he restrained himself.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 4

This is not the first time Tran Thanh has been caught up in rumors of a lack of patience with his juniors. Most recently, Duy Khuong - Tran Thanh's student in the program "The Joke Arena", also "insinuated" that the male director of the film House of Nuns treated him badly.

On a talkshow, Duy Khuong said that after the contest that year, he received many invitations. However, there are some programs that are very attractive to the audience, but he is "not allowed to join", even though this unit produces many gameshows.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 5

"The other gameshows I participated in, just coincidentally, I was not invited to "certain gameshows"," actor Duy Khuong shared. Actor Duy Khuong even revealed that he was invited to participate, but on the day of filming, he received an apology with the message "I can't film that day, make another appointment".

The character that Duy Khuong mentioned was suspected of being Tran Thanh, because during Duy Khuong's speech, Tran Thanh was having a commotion renting a movie theater to watch with his friends. Duy Khuong continuously released posts sarcastic about seniors, but soon after, the comedian admitted that he did not hesitate to do those things. Duy Khuong also denied being a student of Tran Thanh. According to Duy Khuong shared, he only had one teacher and that person passed away.

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 6

The sharing of JVevermind and Duy Khuong, although there is no concrete evidence, but it can be seen that the common point is all towards Tran Thanh. Tran Thanh himself has not responded to JVevermind, he just announced on his personal page that he continues to lead the show Who is he in the new season.

In the near future, Tran Thanh is expected to be absent from Ngoc Thanh Tam's new web drama project, although he previously made an impression when collaborating with "rich kid" in Tam Sac Tam. Answering this question, the actress born in 1993 confirmed that she did not cooperate with Tran Thanh. She said: "This project, I don't cooperate with Mr. Tran Thanh anymore. Currently, Mr. Tran Thanh is very busy. I think I should be a brave woman who walks alone."

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 7

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 8

However, Ngoc Thanh Tam's new project has another character that attracts the audience's attention, which is Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc. Ngoc Thanh Tam said that inviting Thanh Loc to the project was her greatest success, the actress said: "When Uncle Thanh Loc received the project, I felt that I was 50% successful already, everyone in the group The team is very happy. This shows that my project has potential. I always hope that you accept and in the end that hope has come true."

Tran Thanh is back very h.ot but still entangled in noise, a female artist stops working together? - Photo 9

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