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Nam Em was once "ambiguous" with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang

Nguyễn Kim13:57:32 23/02/2024
Nam Em's love story always attracts a lot of attention from netizens. Because she always has many stormy statements and is not afraid to tell stories about being treated harshly and receiving bitter consequences when in love.

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Nam Em mentioned TG's name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to "relieve his sadness" every day.

An Nhi09:37:04 19/01/2024
Not only his singing career, Nam Em's love story is always a h.ot topic that many audiences are interested in. Recently, on her livestream, the beautiful Tien Giang suddenly recalled an old story with TG, attracting attention.

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Nam Em revealed a big secret that made fans excited: Going to participate in the cult beauty contest?

Nắng10:19:51 07/12/2022
Beauty fans must also admit that this is a perfect 3-round measurement. Plus with his impressive height, Nam Em can completely continue to participate in another beauty contest. Recently, Nam Em suddenly made people suspect that she had cherished returning to the beauty arena...

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