Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linh's sister reveals their schedule?

Phúc SenMay 16, 2024 at 13:58

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Fans of Miss Thuy Tien and the Angolan c.hild idol are extremely excited about the news that Quang Linh Vlog and Loi Con are about to return to Ho Chi Minh City. After their journey through Vietnam, the fact that they returned to Saigon made netizens excited.

Continuing to update c.hild idol Loi Con's journey to Vietnam for summer vacation with uncle Quang Linh Vlog, netizens recently became extremely excited about the news that they will return to Ho Chi Minh City because of some work. . The schedule was made public by Nhat Le - Quang Linh's sister on a recent livestream.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 1

Accordingly, after returning to Hanoi from a trip to Da Lat with the whole Africa team, Nhat Le said that Loi Con and Quang Linh returned to their hometown of Nghe An for 2 days. After that, we will fly to Ho Chi Minh City to handle some work. This time Loi Con's trip to Saigon will also be his second trip back to Vietnam, but different from before, this time he only goes with Uncle Quang Linh.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 2

Immediately after the information was shared by Nhat Le, netizens immediately shouted the name of Miss Thuy Tien, the character who accompanied every entertainment spot during Team Africa's previous visit to Saigon. Before that, Loi Con's awkward moment of separation 10 days ago for Ms. Tien also made netizens miss him. This second visit to Saigon makes fans hope that the two will continue to reunite again. .

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 3

However, it is still uncertain whether Loi Con and Quang Linh will meet Thuy Tien again, because it is known that Quang Linh is busy with many things on this trip, not in the spirit of traveling and taking Loi Con to see a doctor. broke like last time. However, fans still hope and wait for the image of him, Loi Con and Thuy Tien sitting together.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 4

Before that, Thuy Tien and Loi Con had gone out together for many days in a row. The Angolan g.irl was completely in love with the queen, never leaving her side, and even took her home to sleep with her for many nights in a row. . The queen commented that Loi Con is a clever, understanding and very obedient b.oy.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 5

Specifically, when bringing the b.aby home, Thuy Tien gently let him take a bath, brush his teeth and watch TV together. Miss Thuy Tien's father expressed surprise but also showed interest in Loi Con. The queen praised the young "idol" as a very obedient, understanding and intelligent b.aby. On social networks, Loi Con's daily life photos received positive comments about his cuteness and energy.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 6

Thuy Tien and Loi Con in Ho Chi Minh City had a stirring performance that caused a stir on Nguyen Hue walking street. Here, Thuy Tien performed her "secret song" "Last Autumn" as a musical performance to give to everyone. In particular, little b.oy Loi Con made everyone present at Walking Street excited when he showed off his dancing talent, making many audiences excited.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 7

After that, the queen took the l.ittle g.irl to explore the tallest building in Vietnam, enjoy folk art, go to the water park, play sports,... It can be seen that the beauty was very enthusiastic to welcome her. African team returned to Vietnam, even though they were busy with a lot of work.

2 years ago, beauty queen Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien had a charity trip to Africa. Here, the queen met members of the Quang Linh Vlog team and b.aby Loi Con. At that time, Loi Con looked shy and even wiped his cheek when Thuy Tien kissed him.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 8

Before coming to Vietnam, Loi Con attracted attention on social networks through many videos of vlogger Pham Quang Linh, 27 years old. Many moments of the b.oy having fun, babbling and learning Vietnamese, especially singing famous children's songs, always attract the attention of the audience.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 9

Loi Con's real name is Mativado (5 years old), from Angola. This b.oy is the son of Matiloi - a member of the African team. Loi Con was adopted by Quang Linh and brought to live with him for convenient care. Vlogger commented that Loi Con is smart, lovely, and emotional. The b.aby likes to sing, so he often plays the melody of Vietnamese children's songs to make Loi sing.

Thuy Tien is about to meet Loi Con again, Quang Linhs sister reveals their schedule? - Photo 10

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