Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia

Hoàng PhúcOct 30, 2022 at 09:06

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Recently, Miss International Peace 2021 Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien had the latest share in the livestream on her personal instagram. The beauty also mentioned issues related to the recent Miss Grand International 2022. The queen's shares on the livestream attracted attention. The audience lamented when Thuy Tien had to face a difficult situation despite the end of the Miss term.

Accordingly, the conflict between the president of the Miss Grand International contest and Vietnamese beauty fans is still acute. In the midst of a drama storm, the audience was very worried about Miss Thuy Tien when she was standing in the middle of two fronts. On one side is the contest that has brought fame and m.oney to Thuy Tien, on the other hand is the home audience, so Thuy Tien is awkward.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 1

According to many sources, although Thuy Tien is no longer the reigning Miss Grand International, she is still related to this contest. Because the contract signed between Thuy Tien and the organization company Miss Grand International is said to last for up to 3 years, which means that Thuy Tien still has up to two more years of operation under the management of this company.

After all the noise, on the afternoon of October 29 (Vietnam time), Thuy Tien recently spoke up to share her feelings over the past few days.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 2

Specifically, Thuy Tien still has a schedule, so she cannot return home. The queen confided that when she became Miss International Peace 2021, she contributed a lot. With what she has done, she hopes her term will end well. However, Thuy Tien admitted that she could not protect her plan.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 3

"In general, I have contributed a lot and the title of Miss International Peace is something I cherish very much. That period is also the most beautiful time of my life. So I hope it also ends. Such a beautiful ending, but things didn't turn out the way I wanted.

But it's not that Tien said it to tell anyone to stop or anything. I don't have that right. Because everyone is trying to protect something they want to protect. As for Tien, the thing that Tien wanted to protect was no longer able to protect," she said.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 4

In the livestream, Thuy Tien also shared that the things that have been and are happening are things no one wants, because everyone hopes good things will happen after a journey of trying their best. She said the past few days she was very sad, even going out did not make her mood better. The beauty also confided that she did not eat well in the past few days.

The former Miss said that she is about to return to Vietnam to prepare for upcoming projects, besides Thuy Tien also advised and comforted fans: "If you're sad, you're already sad, I have to try harder."

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 5

Sharing about the new Miss from Brazil, Thuy Tien gave many compliments. She affirmed that the beauty was the brightest face for the crown from the beginning, always keeping the capital stable. At Miss Grand International, not only the results of the final night were judged, but also evaluated throughout the competition. Representing Brazil every day is beautiful, according to her that is the important factor.

In addition, Thuy Tien also revealed the stories in the closed interview that the contestants told the judges. The representative of Cambodia, the last person to lock the top 10 is the g.irl who was touched by her stepfather when she was 6 years old, and the beauty came to Miss Grand International 2022 to bring her own story through the crisis as a woman. words of encouragement to those who have and are having stories like her. The representative from France is a g.irl with autism, she wants to participate in this contest to win herself. The fact that you can perform on stage is also an achievement that makes you proud.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 6

Thuy Tien also hopes that everyone does not criticize any g.irl participating in Miss Grand International. The queen said that there are things that must be in a closed interview to know.

Our words may just be indifferent to hurt others. Because she has been through it, Thuy Tien hopes that everyone will not regret criticizing anyone.

Thuy Tien almost cried when she mentioned Mr. Nawat - Thien An, reveals the shocking secret of Miss Grand Cambodia - Photo 7

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