Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside?

NắngJul 16, 2022 at 07:19

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Information Miss International Peace Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien was present in Africa, specifically Angola to work with YouTuber Quang Linh Vlogs to implement a charity project that is currently attracting the attention of a large number of people.

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 1

Accordingly, on social networks appeared a series of friendly moments between Thuy Tien and people in Angola. In particular, the most notable is probably the picture of Thuy Tien being kissed by a very lovely black b.oy on the cheek. As soon as she received the love of her little friend, Thuy Tien couldn't help but be overjoyed. He even pouted his lips and raised his hand to take a photo as a souvenir.

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 2

The photo immediately received "rain" of compliments from the online community because of the cuteness and friendliness of Thuy Tien and the b.oy. Besides, many people remember another time when Thuy Tien was kissed on the cheeks, which was given to her by the artist Truong Giang.

Specifically, in a gameshow scene "Thank God, you're crazy!", the head of Truong Giang department asked Thuy Tien to look up, then suddenly kissed her "lover" on the cheek, making Thuy Tien startled. Although the kiss didn't hit the cheek and only passed, Thuy Tien's 'surprised, bewildered' expression caught many people's attention and questioned whether Truong Giang's actions were 'excessive' with female guests?

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 3

Because of that, Thuy Tien's two moments of fragrant cheeks with completely opposite expressions were put on the comparison table by the people. Many people also joked that: "One side is a black c.hild but a pure soul, the other side is a light-skinned b.oy but a bit dark soul". This is also understandable because with a b.aby, everyone will be excited when receiving a loving action, but for an adult, being suddenly "touched" will surprise the other party and have a suggestion. room.

Ignoring the above 2 men, currently, Thuy Tien is enthusiastically paired with Quang Linh Vlog. Accordingly, besides the humanitarian trip, the love story of the queen and the b.oy from Nghe An also received special attention from the people.

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 4

Looking at Thuy Tien and Quang Linh sitting next to each other, many people have to admire the beautiful couple, and also praise both of them for having a husband and wife. But what makes netizens "crush" and want to "row" the couple is because of the cute interaction both on the livestream and behind the scenes of the photo shoot. While Thuy Tien is radiant and confident, Quang Linh is as shy as if she just fell in love for the first time, but is still very mature and reliable. Besides watching the humane actions of two talented young Vietnamese people, netizens also constantly "rowing" Thuy Tien - Quang Linh and believes that his "boat" will soon dock. So what is the reason that the couple in the Central region - the Southern g.irl has such a large number of members "pushing the boat"?

The "battleship" of Thuy Tien and Quang Linh began to appear in early 2022. The two met for the first time when participating in an advertisement for a brand. On Valentine's Day this year, the two had a livestream event together. The shy, honest expression of Quang Linh Vlogs made Miss Thuy Tien laugh. Quang Linh repeatedly admitted that she felt nervous when sitting next to the beautiful queen.

When she learned that Thuy Tien was about to fly to Angola, Quang Linh Vlog made her own nameplate. And Thuy Tien made netizens restless when calling Quang Linh on the way to meet him. Quang Linh's voice "I love Nghe Tinh" in this phone call made people "melt".

Quang Linh also humorously teased Thuy Tien that he had to go to university first before he could go to pick her up, surprising the queen. When she heard the guy said he went to "agricultural university", she laughed and understood that he was busy planting trees. Quang Linh also thoughtfully told Thuy Tien to wear warm clothes because it would be colder where he was. The Vietnamese beauty wittily borrowed a shirt because she didn't bring it, and he immediately agreed to it, making netizens even more enthusiastic about "rowing".

While not waiting for Thuy Tien to come, Quang Linh muddy brought a bouquet of flowers to rehearse with the crew to prepare for this special meeting. The shy image of the Nghe b.oy in front of the airport when he saw Thuy Tien was humorously likened by the people as waiting for "the bride's procession".

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 5

Having worked together for half a year, but when meeting again, Quang Linh still has many shy gestures that make netizens laugh "falling off the chair". Many people also think that Quang Linh "love inside is like on the outside and e".

In particular, when the crew arranged for both of them to share a car, the Nghe An guy shyly hid behind the door to give his seat to the beauty's assistant. This special moment made Thuy Tien's crew in the country also "fall in love" and edited it into a sweet video posted on her Tiktok channel, but did not forget to tell netizens not to send it to her.

Thuy Tien has opposite reactions when being kissed by 2 men: Light inside, dark inside? - Photo 6

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