In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives

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The appearance of the b.oy has many similarities with Ngoc Son on the day of the inauguration of the house from the road in the singer's hometown of Quang Nam, causing people to stir up discussion. Someone thinks that this is the son of the male singer.

On the occasion of his birthday, the "king of cheesy music" Ngoc Son inaugurated the house from the road in his hometown of Tam Hai, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam. This is a project that the singer poured a lot of enthusiasm and energy, shouldering all costs as well as designing and buying furniture.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 1

The singer was moved to tears during the inauguration ceremony, sharing many thoughts during the implementation of this meaningful project.

Ngoc Son recalled the memory of 1975, when he moved with his family to the South to start a business. "My dad gave me a coat to help me sleep soundly on a cold windy night. Touched by my father's affection for me, I composed the song "Fatherhood" in this place and now home from the road," the singer said.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 2

The entire cost of building houses from the road is shouldered by Ngoc Son. When carrying out this project, the singer has full authority to decide and build with the best materials to ensure solidity and solidity. Although not disclosing the specific construction cost, when looking at the enormity of the house, many people believe that Ngoc Son has spent a large amount of m.oney to complete the enthusiastic project on schedule.

Notably, during the inauguration ceremony of the house from the road, many relatives present noticed the appearance of a handsome b.oy, with many similarities from appearance to demeanor and gestures with Ngoc Son, cared for and cared for by Ngoc Son.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 3

Therefore, many people speculate that perhaps this is the son that Yushan has hidden for a long time. On this occasion, he brought his son back to launch his ancestors and relatives.

However, some relatives who know the story have realized that this b.oy is the c.hild supermodel Phong Thien, the son of a brother who has been close to Ngoc Son since childhood, calling the singer Uncle Ba. The singer frankly shared, although he is not his biological son, he has always treated and cared for Feng Tian like his own c.hild since birth.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 4

Ngoc Son has also mentored and taught Phong Thien a lot from life to art, singing, gesture style, stage bravery. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the b.oy has similarities with the voice of "Fatherhood".

On this meaningful occasion, Phong Thien wants to return to Uncle Ba's hometown to understand more about life as well as more deeply about human values, family affection, love for compatriots who love the homeland that Ngoc Son has always taught him.

During the ceremony, Phong Thien could not help but be touched by the affection of Nui Thanh relatives, Quang Nam as well as understand more about Uncle Ba Ngoc Son's heart for the land and people here.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 5

It is known that Phong Thien is constantly transforming, showing multi-talent in many artistic fields. From singing, dancing, catwalk to acting, Phong Thien has worked hard and trained every day to improve himself, regardless of the expectations and teachings of teachers, parents and Uncle Ba Ngoc Son during the past time.

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 6

In 2023, So You Think You Can Model Phong Thien Champion is not only honored to win the Star Kid International 2023 a.ward at Vietnam International Children's Fashion Week 2023 but also participate in 2 nights of singer Ngoc Son's "Love Con" liveshow, shining on the catwalk, the stage of large and small events at home and abroad...

In fact, Ngoc Son has a son, who brought home from the road to his ancestors and relatives - Photo 7

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