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Mon Hoang Anh: "Doraemon with shaggy hair" runner-up of The Voice Kid, "transformed" after 10 years

Uyển Đình16:35:18 22/07/2024
Mon Hoang Anh once made an impression when participating in the 2014 Vietnamese Children's Voice program and won runner-up. After the competition, Mon Hoang Anh joined the P336 group in 2017. In addition to his singing ability, the male singer also actively cultivates his composing ability.

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Controversy over Phuong My Chi receiving the "New Face" a.ward after 10 years of working

Phong Trần13:28:18 26/01/2024
The audience believes that Phuong My Chi has been singing for 10 years and is not really a new face. In addition, viewers debated when the female singer missed most of the nomination categories at the 26th Green Wave.

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5 Lines: Famous music group goes against the crowd; The members' different lives in the present

Gia Linh15:34:50 31/10/2023
Speaking of 5 Lines, 8x and 9x certainly cannot be ignored. Not choosing an easy path for themselves, the 5 Line girls gradually conquered the public with their talented hands and burning hearts.

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Thien Nhan was abused by his siblings to the point of being hospitalized, treated as a cash machine - clarifying the spell

Nam Phương14:44:47 16/07/2022
Singer Thien Nhan suddenly shared many conflicts revolving between himself and his siblings in the family. These include issues of v.iolence, finance and same-sex relationships. At noon of July 16, singer Thien Nhan livestream answered questions from the public. In 8 years of...

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Hong Khanh - the daughter of Meritorious Artist Chieu Xuan was criticized for being "dumb", how did she respond and was praised for her high EQ?

An Nhi15:30:03 21/04/2022
Hong Khanh's clever behavior received many compliments from netizens. Among the daughters of famous artists, it is impossible not to mention Do Hong Khanh - the daughter of Meritorious Artist Chieu Xuan. In addition to having a famous mother, Hong Khanh also possesses extremely...

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Phuong My Chi lost up to 8kg after b.ody shaming, her fashion sense is getting better and better

An Nhi21:49:51 21/02/2022
At the age of 18, Phuong My Chi was commented to be more and more beautiful and stylish. No longer a tiny g.irl singing the velvety folk songs of The Voice Kid 2013, Phuong My Chi has grown up to become a young woman of eighteen and twenty with excellent fashion style and...

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Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz

Duyên Trần09:21:52 15/01/2022
T Linh is known as the GenZ generation rapper, young, dynamic and talented. In just a short time pursuing the Rap music industry, T Linh has been known to many people. The clever and attractive way of rhyming and playing words makes her songs quickly become a phenomenon on...

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