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Ngoc Trinh was different after being released from prison, and her relatives were shocked to r.eveal the change

Đức Trí09:37:15 14/03/2024
Model and actress Ngoc Trinh has a different lifestyle after being detained. Close people were also surprised, revealing a different lifestyle that Ngoc Trinh had never tried.

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Tiktoker Le Bong "makeover" spectacularly: From the disaster "sticking out her tongue" to the new VTV muse

Minh Phúc11:41:55 04/03/2024
No more offensive and ridiculous images on social networks, Le Bong has now received a lot of sympathy from netizens. Not only that, she also became a new generation VTV muse.

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The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam

Phi Đức14:18:05 21/02/2024
Once known as a famous female streamer with a very fiery fashion style, Uyen Pu has now surprised the online community because she has changed so much, no longer wearing makeup but just looks rustic. Simple.

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Luong My Ky stumbled and went off topic at Miss Fabulous International 2023, fans lost all hope

Mộc Trà14:28:56 30/11/2023
Although the competition is quite young, small scale, few contestants and is labeled as a village pond, Luong My Ky's performance at this playground still receives the attention of many fans.

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Dieu Nhi continues to come under great scrutiny amid a tumultuous time over a rift with Brother Tu

Xuka14:53:47 22/08/2023
Dieu Nhi was born in 1991, is a quite famous actress of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Dieu Nhi is known for her comedy stages and roles in sitcoms such as Campaign Against Cricket, Family Is No. 1...

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Jenny Huynh received a storm of praise for doing a shocking thing, the feverish beauty deserves to be 'flex'

Gia Linh15:44:52 27/07/2023
While Jenny Huynh herself commented that she was too cheesy with the new style that the genZ g.irl wore recently, everyone was very interested in this image of Jenny Huynh.

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Hoai Lam talks about retiring for the second time, it's embarrassing to go on stage every time, everyone looks bored

Thanh Phúc16:10:01 09/06/2023
Male singer Hoai Lam has just made a statement that caused a stir in public opinion, when he went online to post the piano again, lamented about his career, and wanted to leave the stage and quit singing because standing in front of the audience was embarrassing. People are simultaneously bored by his appearance.

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Tran Thanh suddenly made a big change after being "attacked" by the statement "the life of an artist is difficult to swallow"

Mộc Trà09:28:24 29/05/2023
Recently, MC Tran Thanh is a controversial name on social networking forums because of the moments of sobbing on television. The frequency of tears is too much, making the audience inevitably feel frustrated. It seems that after much criticism, Tran Thanh has become more...

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Phung Binh wore a 2-piece swimsuit for the first time, showing off 3 rounds at the pool, making "500 brothers" bewildered

Xuka14:47:48 19/04/2023
Phung Phinh Ha Giang (Mua Thi Dua) - a g.irl often stands on the slopes of Tham Ma, Ha Giang to rent popular floating flowers on social networks over the years. From a difficult life, now she suddenly changed her life with a personal page following of hundreds of thousands...

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Huynh My has just been praised for changing after being noisy with Quynh Chau, having been exposed to a dark story with the giants

Tin15:30:31 07/03/2023
Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 is currently receiving a lot of attention from the audience. In which Ly Huynh My - a contestant arguing with mentor Quynh Chau is the focus of public opinion. Specifically, in the elimination round, coach Quynh Chau had the right to...

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Quang Linh reveals a special dream every night, Thuy Tien shows off her pinky ring after Valentine

Nắng11:52:09 16/02/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Quang Linh Vlog has just posted a funny clip with the caption: "In the morning farming, collecting goat manure in the afternoon, selling goods at night, dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur at night". In the clip, Quang Linh looks historic with an...

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Father Loi Con changed 180 degrees after being punished by Quang Linh: Working diligently, enthusiastically helping Lindo

Tiểu Yến Tử11:32:44 14/02/2023
Those who regularly follow the activities of Quang Linh and the African team in Angola must be no stranger to the 4-year-old b.oy whose Vietnamese name is Loi Con. Loi Con has a rather difficult situation, but thanks to Quang Linh's team, he gets a lot of help. Not only that, Loi...

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Mr.Nawat showed off the current MGI becoming more and more classy, Thuy Tien released a 'heart-stopping' photo with Thien An

Tiểu Yến Tử11:32:49 28/01/2023
It has been 3 months since the Brazilian-born beauty - Isabella Menin was crowned the highest title of the cult beauty arena Miss Grand International 2022 (MGI). After a short time returning home for personal activities, incumbent MGI also returned to Thailand to continue...

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Miss Universe was praised for the meaningful sash, Mr.Nawat "salted" when Engfa - 5th runner-up made m.oney

Nắng11:35:38 25/12/2022
Miss Universe 2022 is the milestone of a new beauty era for the contest when the power is transferred to the owner Anne Jakrajutatip. Since the announcement of the ownership of the organization, the "media tycoon" of the Golden Temple country has repeatedly created a wave of...

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Lindo Team Quang Linh: The poor b.oy in Angola has now changed 360 degrees, loves Vietnam even though he has never been there

Nắng13:23:13 17/12/2022
Previously, Lindo and his family were quite poor, they lived in a house in the mountains, without electricity, Internet or any means of communication. For those who follow Quang Linh Vlogs, it will certainly be no stranger to Lindo, the native guy on the African team. Originally...

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Manager Ngoc Trinh: From black skin, now white tone, becoming more and more shiny, becoming a giant

Nắng09:40:00 17/12/2022
Vu Khac Tiep is no longer a strange name to fans, the famous Vietnamese "boss" is the person behind Ngoc Trinh's success. Now he is more handsome, but before, he also had a normal appearance, not too impressive. Looking back at the journey of changing his appearance after 17...

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Kieu Minh Tuan appeared with a face like a "wax statue", questioning the cutlery after breaking up with Cat Phuong

Nam Phương11:20:13 16/11/2022
In a recent series of photos, fans were surprised by the change of actor Kieu Minh Tuan. In addition to the praise, Netizen said that the male lead of the movie "Demon Brother" interfered with a certain part of the face. In May 2022, the couple Cat Phuong - Kieu Minh Tuan...

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Miss Universe is 'changed b.lood' when it has a new owner, showing signs of leaving Miss Grand: Mr. Nawat confused?

Nắng13:45:31 10/11/2022
Last October, the information that the Miss Universe contest - Miss Universe belonged to the ownership of the Thai businesswoman was officially announced. It is known that the new owner of Miss Universe is Mrs. Anne - a female billionaire, "a face mask" in the entertainment...

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Ngo Can Ngon 4 years after the 'fever' Dien Hy Cong Luoc: Struggling, pitiful because of the 'star' attitude

Nắng09:47:20 21/10/2022
It has been 4 years since the broadcast of Dien Hy Cong Luoc, but so far, Ngo Can Ngon has not found a breakthrough role after the success of the character of Wei Anh Lac. Therefore, many viewers think that being a beauty born in 1990 is just luck. Therefore, the name of the...

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Truc Anh "molts" 180 degrees after publicizing his illness, losing his home, what is his real physique?

N.P14:40:38 24/09/2022
Being sick, having no job, losing income, causing his house to be sold, Truc Anh recently gained attention when he spoke out about his current adversity and publicly announced that his new look had changed. change clearly. Truc Anh was once widely noticed and loved by the...

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Phuong My Chi hinted that she was about to take part in a beauty contest, causing fans to 'stand still'?

Nắng10:45:55 23/09/2022
Recently, Phuong My Chi suddenly shared a remarkable image on social networks. That was the moment the young singer met Miss World Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong. In the photo, it can be seen that next to a beautiful, radiant Mai Phuong is a good-looking, cute Phuong My...

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Hyun Bin changed 360 degrees after marrying Son Ye Jin, even close people almost didn't recognize it?

N.P12:01:51 17/09/2022
Many people who often interact and work with Hyun Bin have clearly felt the change in the actor's personality since marrying Son Ye Jin and having children, and even almost didn't realize it because it was so different. After announcing the pregnancy of their first c.hild not...

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Truong Giang first told the story of changes because of her daughter, exposing Nha Phuong often "physical impact"

Nắng14:07:04 06/09/2022
It can be said that in Vietnamese showbiz, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong is one of the happy and fulfilled Vietnamese star families. The sweet fruit in the love story is the birth of the daughter Destiny. Since having a b.aby, the male artist has spent a lot of time taking care of...

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Mrs. Nhan Vlog dressed up as a 'lady' to congratulate 'general' Quynh Tran JP: Strange angle!

Nắng16:19:20 05/09/2022
Ms. Nhan Vlog (Duc Nhan) is one of the female YouTubers receiving the most attention from the people. Her popularity is getting higher and higher after returning to Vietnam to meet her family. In particular, at the same time, Duc Nhan spent about 200 million VND to improve his...

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