Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles

Ning JingSep 26, 2023 at 11:48

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Perhaps, after divorcing Ha Thanh Xuan, 'koi king' Thang Ngo changed dramatically. From a person who often smiles, he is now sad, withdrawn and afraid to communicate with people around him.

Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo were once a couple that attracted the attention of both public opinion and the media because of their noisy relationship right from the time they went public until they got married. However, after more than a year together, the couple officially "went their separate ways" just by announcing on social networks.

Accordingly, Ha Thanh Xuan affirmed that she had never registered her marriage with Thang Ngo and was very sad to have to publicly announce the breakup.

"Previously and until now, Xuan has never registered for marriage. After 2 months of knowing and meeting Mr. Thang, due to the wishes of the two families and insiders who thought the relationship was rosy, the wedding took place. It happened very quickly, just like the whole family expected. After the wedding, Xuan was almost depressed and had to withdraw, not daring to read any comments on social networks" - Ha Thanh Xuan wrote.

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 1

Besides, the female singer said that after more than 1 year of living together, she realized many problems and incompatibility in all thoughts, so she chose to end the relationship. The female singer has been living alone for nearly a year and today officially ended this relationship and returned to single life.

Since the day Ha Thanh Xuan announced "going their separate ways" with the Koi fish king, the life of the famous businessman in the Koi fish industry has had many big changes. Accordingly, on his personal Facebook page, the male businessman often posts status lines expressing sadness and complaining about being stressed to the point of losing weight and having a poor face instead of optimistic, interesting photos. smile like before.

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 2

Not only that, many netizens were also observant in discovering that 'Koi king' Thang Ngo changed more when the male businessman's Facebook was steeped in his philosophy of life and his life more than before instead of just updating his stories. Happy, smiling moments with Ha Thanh Xuan.

Recently, the "king of Koi fish" posted a story about building a common road for everyone but also encountered many problems and mixed opinions. But through that, Thang Ngo expressed: "Life is like that, no matter what happens, we still have to accept it. Everyone's happiness is different, those with m.oney and those without m.oney, Educated people and uneducated people, cultured people and uncultured people will have different feelings and thoughts. Respect the differences so that your soul always feels light. Is life still beautiful? ..." .

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 3

Even on the recent birthday of the "king of Koi fish", this businessman himself also admitted that he had many changes, no longer feeling excited, gathering to eat, drink, and play. Hang out with friends like before.

"This year's 'sad economy', instead of placing candles, we put stakes to protect the shore, when we cut cake, we cut land, when we buy ourselves a gift, we make a wide road for everyone to walk conveniently. The fate of Whatever I do, I always think about the common good, so it's a bit difficult. But maybe that's also why life never falls into a deadlock situation with no way out," Thang Ngo wrote.

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 4

With the obvious change of businessman Thang Ngo as well as his outlook on life after two failed marriages, under each post, the male businessman received words of encouragement and comfort from many people.

Most close friends send their wishes and hope that the "Koi fish king" will soon overcome this difficult and volatile period. However, on Thang Ngo's side, the male businessman is still quite optimistic, always positively acknowledging that everything is still beautiful in both love and life even though his current income is not as abundant as before.

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 5

Thang Ngo is known as a wealthy and famous businessman in the koi fish industry, however, after divorcing to come to Ha Thanh Xuan, this businessman accepted to leave empty-handed, leaving all his assets to his wife. old and c.hild. In May 2022, when the two got married, many people admired and were moved on behalf of the couple.

Accordingly, during the romantic wedding held at a luxury restaurant, Thang Ngo shared: "I have a hard time smiling, but in just a few months of knowing Xuan, I spent as much time laughing as my whole life combined. If it were because m.oney, Xuan definitely didn't choose me because there are many rich people c.hasing her. I'm not perfect, neither is she and we love each other."

Not stopping there, the Koi Fish King once shared about his famous wife: "To be honest, before that I never thought I would know a singer. I searched for the name Ha Thanh Xuan online and read about it. 60 articles about her. From then on, I discovered that my wife is a special woman with many differences, so I wanted to find out more. After understanding thoroughly, I decided to officially pursue and get to know Ha. Thanh Xuan because he believes in his wife. The love between me and Ha Thanh Xuan is truly fate, due to a certain arrangement of fate"...

Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles - Photo 6

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