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Thai Thien Phuong's mother-in-law spent billions on bail, and on the day she was released from prison, her attitude was controversial

Thảo Mai10:03:23 22/05/2024
As one of the main suspects in the Thai Thien Phuong case, Ms. Ly Thuy Huong - the ill-fated model's ex-mother-in-law was released on bail after 15 months of detention. However, she is still prohibited from leaving her residence and reporting to the police three times a week.

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3 Cbiz female artists die in 2023: Thai Thien Phuong is shocked, Chau Hai My is filled with sadness

Châu Anh10:23:12 23/12/2023
The Chinese entertainment industry did not experience 2023 very peacefully when witnessing the sudden passing of two veteran stars Coco Lee and Chau Hai My. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was also shaken by the case of model Thai Thien Phuong being m.urdered by her ex-husband's family.

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Thai Thien Phuong's funeral costs 10 billion, the r.emains are as beautiful as a doll, the new husband swears to play with his ex-husband

Thư Kỳ16:47:46 21/06/2023
Close-up of Thai Thien Phuong's 3D-restored b.ody is revealed. At the same time, the Dam family fiercely swore in front of the deceased wife's spirit to claim justice for her and not forgive the c.ruel behavior that the ex-husband's family caused.

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong: A close-up of the b.ody restored by 3D printing technology is taken to cremation

Mộc Trà11:09:14 20/06/2023
After the funeral on June 18 at Po Fook Memorial Hall, Hong Kong (China), the cremation ceremony of model Thai Thien Phuong was conducted this morning with the presence of the deceased's family and friends. .

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Quach Phu Thanh's wife appeared distraught, crying at the funeral of her best friend Thai Thien Phuong

Ning Jing16:51:29 19/06/2023
Referring to Thai Thien Phuong, do not forget to mention Phuong Vien and the heavenly king Quach Phu Thanh. Thanks to the couple Thien Vuong of Cang for helping the family of the late model, they quickly found out the truth about the d.eath of the Thai beauty.

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Thai Thien Phuong finally had a funeral: Mother was not steady, new husband had a strange move

Nắng09:42:32 19/06/2023
Months passed, news related to the case of Thai Thien Phuong's m.urder was still discussed by the people. What netizens are most interested in at the moment is the final sentence for the suspects, specifically the family of the ex-husband of the victim.

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong: The late NS's social media account had something unusual, the ex-husband refused to defend the lawyer

Yaya10:38:59 27/05/2023
Tieu Hong Thu 's account of the late model Thai Thien Phuong recently appeared a surprise after more than 3 months of beautiful people born in 1994 died. In addition, the suspect - who is also her ex-husband suddenly took actions that surprised many people. After more than 3...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong was revealed to be unclean before the funeral, the late model's husband voiced anger

Mộc Trà10:39:25 23/05/2023
Friends and husband of m.urdered model Thai Thien Phuong - social activists in Hong Kong (China) - have fiercely denied the information that the animal welfare organization they founded with a female model aims to "m.oney laundering" purposes. "The four of us founded the fund with...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong suddenly turned shocking: The truth about the supermodel's 4 children was exposed

Nắng08:37:49 22/05/2023
The m.urder of Abby Choi (Thai Thien Phuong) on February 21, 2023 - (Hong Kong) has shocked the public in China as well as in Asia. Accordingly, the 28-year-old model's m.urder is said to be related to a dispute with her unemployed ex-husband Alex Kwong and his family over a...

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Thai Thien Phuong's pink funeral, r.evealing the identity of the person who exposed the real face of the killer

Juni Nguyễn13:31:01 18/05/2023
After r.evealing the time and location of the funeral, recently the layout of the late model Thai Thien Phuong was also revealed. Not stopping there, new details about this shocking case were revealed. More than three months have passed, the case of a c.ruel hand to Thai Thien...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: New husband denied same-sex love, went to psychological treatment because of his wife's d.eath

Yang Mi16:56:29 16/05/2023
After a period of silence without any action, recently, Thai Thien Phuong's new husband appeared for the first time and received an interview from the Hong Kong media. In the interview, the young man also once explained the whole thing. With new evidence continuing to be...

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Thai Thien Phuong's husband revealed instability, leaked suspicious details after his wife's funeral

Mưa10:32:05 15/05/2023
On May 13, QQ reported that nearly 3 months since Thai Thien Phuong's d.eath, the family of the late model still mourned, not yet relieved of their grief over her premature departure. Because of the great loss, Thai Thien Phuong's relatives all had psychological problems. Mrs...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: Parents-in-law spent m.oney to restore the b.ody, r.evealing the time of the funeral

Yang Mi11:05:40 11/05/2023
After the second trial took place on May 8, information about the funeral ceremony as well as the completion of the handover of Thieu Thai Phuong's b.ody was revealed by her family. Up to this point, the case that shook Asia of the ill-fated model Thai Thien Phuong is still a...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong was m.urdered: Mother-in-law DNA was found at the scene, 3 people were convicted of m.urder

Yaya10:25:09 09/05/2023
The case of model Thai Thien Phuong was m.urdered in an incomplete way, the defendants who are ex-husband's family were officially brought to trial on the morning of May 8. Also here, the court also revealed more important evidence. It's been many months since the unfortunate...

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Thai Thien Phuong's biological mother declared war on her son-in-law to gain custody of her grandchildren and control her daughter's property

Minh Lợi14:58:47 03/05/2023
The four children legally inherited the property of the late model Thai Thien Phuong. However, because the children are underage, according to East Week, 3 families are currently fighting for custody. On May 3, HK01 reported that Ms. Truong Yen Hoa, Thai Thien Phuong's mother...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong gradually came to light: The ex-husband was innocent, the biological mother spoke up to r.eveal the shocking story

Mộc Trà11:35:55 03/05/2023
More than 2 months have passed, news related to the case of model Thai Thien Phuong is still being discussed by the people. What netizens are most interested in at the moment is the final sentence for the suspects, specifically the family of the ex-husband of the victim. On...

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The husband of a female star who died when the circus received 5 billion in compensation was investigated for suspicion of being similar to the case of Thai Thien Phuong?

Minh Lợi11:19:58 19/04/2023
There is information that the circus actress had a conflict with her husband before performing. Therefore, to determine the cause of the accident, not only the organizer but also the victim's husband are investigated. Sina recently reported that Anhui Provincial Police released...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: A suspect "calls for help" asserts his innocence, r.evealing shocking details?

Phương Nam12:51:06 16/04/2023
After the news that the 8th suspect, Thai Thien Phuong's younger brother, was arrested, the 7th suspect - who was confirmed to be the ex-husband's lover suddenly spoke up, asserting that he was not involved in the case. On April 15, HK01 reported that Phan Xao Hien - a famous...

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Thai Thien Phuong's younger sister was arrested: Collusion with her ex-husband's family to harm her sister's life?

Xuka09:10:40 15/04/2023
More than a month has passed since the female model Thai Thien Phuong was harmed, but the developments surrounding the case have been continuously updated, a topic that has been hotly discussed by netizens. Recently, after 7 suspects were arrested, Chinese media have spread...

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Thai Thien Phuong is a front, ex-husband and new husband love each other, the children are not b.lood?

Juni Nguyễn10:01:01 08/04/2023
Until now, the case that shook Hong Kong - Thai Thien Phuong was "dismembered by the five horses" which still has many mysteries as well as undisclosed secrets that make many people extremely interested. Not long ago, the case of the c.ruel hand of model Thai Thien Phuong...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong has new details related to the soup pot and her ex-husband before the court date

Xuka15:56:53 05/04/2023
The case that model Abby Choi (Thai Thien Phuong) was found in an intact state, her b.ody was divided into many pieces, still causing a stir in public opinion. While the case has not come to an end, Chinese social networks are spreading many pots of soup with hidden captions...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: a shocking incident more than a pot of soup was revealed, the current husband's family is suspicious?

Keng09:20:43 03/04/2023
After more than a month of investigation, the case of Thai Thien Phuong victim, which shocked the world, recently had new details. In addition, the police asked to postpone the trial of the late model's ex-husband's family. According to Yahoo Taiwan , the trial of 4 suspects has...

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Latest developments in Thai Thien Phuong case: HK judge revealed the sentence, fans were dissatisfied because it was not appropriate

Đại Mạc09:53:55 24/03/2023
After a long time of investigation, the case of Thai Thien Phuong currently has not made much noticeable progress. Although the sentence has not been officially sentenced, but because it is difficult to find evidence, many netizens are worried that the legal loophole may leave...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: R.evealing the truth of the "terrible" soup pot than imagined, Hong Kong is afraid of 1 thing?

Xuân Xuân09:43:12 23/03/2023
Regarding the case of Thai Thien Phuong, recently, the media said that the police confirmed that the soup pot contained not only 1 but 2 pots of Thai Thien Phuong. The case is also causing a wave of fear among Hong Kong women. Up to now, a total of 7 people related to the Thai...

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