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Topic: Thai Thien Phuong Is Shocking

The case of Thai Thien Phuong was revealed to be unclean before the funeral, the late model's husband voiced anger

Mộc Trà10:39:25 23/05/2023
Friends and husband of m.urdered model Thai Thien Phuong - social activists in Hong Kong (China) - have fiercely denied the information that the animal welfare organization they founded with a female model aims to "m.oney laundering" purposes. "The four of us founded the fund with...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong suddenly turned shocking: The truth about the supermodel's 4 children was exposed

Nắng08:37:49 22/05/2023
The m.urder of Abby Choi (Thai Thien Phuong) on February 21, 2023 - (Hong Kong) has shocked the public in China as well as in Asia. Accordingly, the 28-year-old model's m.urder is said to be related to a dispute with her unemployed ex-husband Alex Kwong and his family over a...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong gradually came to light: The ex-husband was innocent, the biological mother spoke up to r.eveal the shocking story

Mộc Trà11:35:55 03/05/2023
More than 2 months have passed, news related to the case of model Thai Thien Phuong is still being discussed by the people. What netizens are most interested in at the moment is the final sentence for the suspects, specifically the family of the ex-husband of the victim. On...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: The police released urgent news, scarier than a pot of human bone soup, the biological mother was difficult to escape

Mộc Trà14:19:00 22/03/2023
The story of Abby Choi (Thai Thien Phuong) - a tragic criminal story in Hong Kong that is being watched by the whole world - is a whole world of love. Summary as follows: A 28-year-old g.irl, beautiful and considered a model, disappeared on February 22, 2023. Three days later, in...

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Thai Thien Phuong and the story of "someone" knocking on the door every night: Neighbors are scared and shaken Hong Kong

Xuka08:21:13 21/03/2023
In early February, the owner of a small apartment in the quiet village of Lung Mei Tsuen, Tai Po, Hong Kong, China found a tenant willing to pay 10,000 HKD (about 1,273 USD)/month. Nearly two weeks later, news spread about the m.urder of Thai Thien Phuong. Because of the method...

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Thai Thien Phuong's mother and her husband and daughter revealed a scary plot with 2 stepchildren: The female model is difficult to escape

Mộc Trà08:03:07 18/03/2023
Nearly a month ago, the case related to the d.eath of Hong Kong female model - Thai Thien Phuong shocked Asian public opinion. On February 25, Thai Thien Phuong's b.ody was discovered at an abandoned house in Longwei village, Taipo (Hong Kong) after the family reported that the...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong took 2 years to be sentenced, the ex-husband's family was released?

Xuka09:04:17 16/03/2023
Supermodel Thai Thien Phuong was harmed - a terrible case that shocked Hong Kong, China about safety and low crime rate. This is considered one of the most shocking Hong Kong cases of the 21st century. 28-year-old Thai Thien Phuong, a model belonging to the super-rich world, met...

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The suspect in the Thai Thien Phuong case officially apologized, please close the case so that the female model can rest in peace

Nắng14:40:37 12/03/2023
It has been 2 weeks, the case of Thai Thien Phuong has not shown any signs of cooling down and has continuously exposed many truths that make the public "terrified". It is known that currently, the authorities have gone into the process of in-depth investigation to find out the...

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Thai Thien Phuong's mother acts fatally with her daughter's ex-husband's family, the case has more shocking details

Tiểu Yến Tử10:12:25 08/03/2023
For nearly 2 weeks now, the case of model Thai Thien Phuong (Abby Choi) has stirred up world public opinion. So far, 7 suspects have been arrested and one of the masterminds leading this shocking case is none other than Quang Cau (65 years old) - retired police officer and...

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Thai Thien Phuong police announced a s.hock, Quach Phu Thanh got involved because his best friend was so tragic

Tiểu Yến Tử14:49:35 06/03/2023
Sina reported that at the recent event, the King of Hong Kong, Quach Phu Thanh shared about the incident that model Thai Thien Phuong (Abby Choi) was harmed when questioned by the media. Quach Phu Thanh's wife has a close relationship with Abby Choi. "This is an incident that...

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Thai Thien Phuong case: Suspect No. 6 appeared in court, police issued "Effective evidence has been obtained"

Tin14:17:46 05/03/2023
Over the past week, the case of female model Thai Thien Phuong (Abby Choi) who was harmed by her husband and split her b.ody into many pieces has attracted the attention of the world's media. Because of the extremely evil tricks of the bad guys, so far, the police have to admit...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong fell into a deadlock: The police reported sad news after many days of searching for hands and relatives in the landfill

Tin09:48:03 04/03/2023
Recently, the investigating police side held a press conference to inform the media and the public about the progress of the case of female model Thai Thien Phuong who was harmed by her ex-husband's family. According to a police representative, a 41-year-old man was arrested in...

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The case of Thai Thien Phuong added to the confusion: The school made an urgent announcement about the two ex-husband's children, r.evealing important details

Tin08:09:40 02/03/2023
Recently, SMCP reported that model Thai Thien Phuong's c.hild (who had just been harmed by her ex-husband's family) is studying at Harrow International Primary School, Hong Kong. The case has caused a stir in public opinion in recent days, so Harrow Elementary School has just...

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