Tang Phuc: Called the "cover phenomenon", causing a stir with the statement "loving foreigners"

An NhiApr 18, 2024 at 11:17

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Tang Phuc is a singer who rose from the title of "cover phenomenon", his previous songs were performed by famous artists, but through the presentation of this guy born in 1993, he brings a newer direction. .

Tang Phuc is a singer specializing in ballad music. His real name is Tang Vu Minh Phuc, born in 1993 and raised in Soc Trang. Possessing a quiet, inspiring voice, coupled with a handsome and good-looking appearance. He has marked his name on the path of singing art. With many outstanding songs such as: Don't Wait For Me Anymore, Looking For Each Other, Just Not Together...

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 1

Tang Phuc possesses a beautiful voice, good live singing ability and is strong in ballad music with sad love songs, which are the advantages that help him quickly capture the hearts of music lovers.

Before participating in art, Tang Phuc used to be an office worker, then he spent time joining a vocal group in a music band.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 2

Although born into a family with few people following this path, Tang Phuc is currently performing quite well on his singing path. Possessing a large fan base, its hit songs are known to many young people. That is also the mark of his growing career.

When he was a student, Tang Phuc often participated in school performances, as a dancer or backup singer. Even though he won second prize for the solo singing competition at school, Tang Phuc was still not confident with his performance. Instead, he took the exam in the science and technology field.

In addition to singing, he also participates in the modeling industry and large and small competitions. Tang Phuc regularly appears as an actor in the MVs of many famous singers such as Cao Thai Son (The Sweetest Thing), Huong Tram (Shy), Yen Nhi (Just Like That).

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 3

One time I went to drink coffee with my friend Tang Phuc and sang together. And the owner asked him to perform every week. After a while, he was invited to sing in many places and the name Tang Phuc gradually became known to the audience.

Every time he sings, he always enriches himself with experience to be able to better himself. Until he met his current manager with encouragement and knowledge, Tang Phuc changed his mind and decided to quit his current job and focus more on becoming a professional singer.

In the beginning, Tang Phuc had shows but they were only small stages. There were times when he felt bored because he was singing other people's music all day and didn't have his own song. In his free time, he accepted to record demo songs for 300,000 VND, if he worked hard enough to pay rent, electricity, and water every month. However, at a time when he was in need, Tang Phuc had to sell his favorite piano for 20 million VND. He said he sent part of it back home to his family, trying to prove that he was still living well so that his parents could feel secure, while the rest he used to cover his living expenses.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 4

In 2017, he met his current manager and began to have a clearer musical direction. Tang Phuc in turn released MV Fish haven't taken the bait yet, Don't wait for me anymore (Huynh Quoc Huy) but did not create any effect. The singer said he once lost faith, but had timely encouragement from many people so he continued to hold on.

Tang Phuc began to gain public attention through the project Phuc Acoustic , covering many hits such as My Lover (Chau Dang Khoa), Everything will replace you (Hamlet Truong)... In 2019, he participated in the Hidden playground. perfect numbers with Ha Nhi, w.inning the championship. The song Don't Wait For Me Anymore, released two years ago, was suddenly sought after by the audience. However, during this period, he faced many comments "only knowing how to sing covers" or "stealing his colleagues' hits". In response, Tang Phuc said he was not sad and saw it as a suggestion for change.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 5

In early 2021, Tang Phuc created a turning point through the live singing video Just Not Together (Chinese music, Vietnamese lyrics) with Truong Thao Nhi, leading YouTube's trending music for many weeks, currently attracting more than 120 million views. Next, his duet Returning People to Freedom (Huynh Quoc Huy) with Minh Tuyet also attracted attention. In 2020, he held his first live concert in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting nearly 1,000 audiences.

Some time ago, Vietnamese showbiz had a trend of covering Chinese music with Vietnamese lyrics. But any trend, when overused, is counterproductive. As a male singer who once created a buzz when covering the Chinese song "Just Not Together", Tang Phuc stated his personal opinion that a part of the audience "loves foreigners", praising foreigners who sing. Vietnamese but turns away from Vietnamese artists singing foreign language songs.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 6

However, this opinion of Tang Phuc caused a storm on social networks. A part of the audience believes that the male singer is contradicting himself because he is also the one who actively covers Chinese music songs with Vietnamese lyrics. And most of all, Vietnamese audiences praise foreigners singing Vietnamese songs because they sing in Vietnamese, completely unrelated to their nationality. Therefore, Tang Phuc's careless statement caused him to attract many "antifans".

Besides, many objective opinions also emphasized that if Tang Phuc was just a cover phenomenon, the audience would not be judged too harshly, but he is a singer. The male singer's cover of the song Time Space in Vietnamese was also criticized because the music market is not lacking in hits from the 9x and early 2000s era, forcing him to use Chinese music.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 7

While participating in a show called Mysterious Twins in episode 83, he opened the curtain and gave the audience a song called "Where is my lover?" Right after that, he explained the intention of using these songs, which was to give to those who are lonely and single for a long time like him.

Since then, Tang Phuc has not made any moves regarding his love life and girlfriend. He was teased a lot for being alone for so long. And just like above, currently Tang Phuc still has no lover and no wife.

Tang Phuc: Called the cover phenomenon, causing a stir with the statement loving foreigners - Photo 8

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