The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student

KengAug 25, 2023 at 17:13

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This morning on August 25, the Miss Ocean Vietnam 2023 pageant took place. It is known that this is the first time this contest has been held again after 6 years of hiatus (held season 1 in 2014, season 2 in 2017, in 2019 held in the US).

After many rounds of competition, Tran Thi Thu Uyen, number 388 finally won the crown, becoming the new Miss Ocean Vietnam this year. The 4th runner-up position went to Thai Dao Truc Giang, 3rd runner-up Vo Thi Tuyet Nhi, 2nd runner-up Vu Duong Quynh Nhu and 1st runner-up Lam Kieu Anh.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 1

The coronation of this beauty therefore quickly made her become the focus of attention of many Vietnamese beauty fans and netizen. In addition to the image of being crowned on stage, everyday beauty or side information about education, Thu Uyen's work before becoming a beauty queen is also something that many people are curious about.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 2

It is known that Tran Thi Thu Uyen was born in 2000, from Soc Trang, used to be a student of Tourism and Travel Service Management at Can Tho Southern University. This beauty is said to "spend her youth to compete in the beauty pageant" when she registered for several other beauty pageants before being crowned Miss Ocean Vietnam 2023.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 3

In 2019, Thu Uyen won the title of Miss Can Tho Southern University. Thu Uyen then continued to register for Miss World Vietnam 2019 but did not win high prizes. Finally, the beauty born in 2000 won the crown of this year's Miss Ocean Vietnam pageant.

It is known that the queen's previous job was as an employee at a hotel. Thu Uyen revealed that before coming to Miss Ocean Vietnam 2023, she used to be an employee at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. But in order to devote all her attention to the competition, Thu Uyen resigned from her job at the hotel.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 4

The final of the contest started at about 5am, so the contestants woke up from 1am to prepare costumes, makeup ... However, Thu Uyen, the 23-year-old, said she did not sleep and stayed up all night then got up to enter the important final day.

Previously, at the time of registering for the beauty contest, Thu Uyen shared: "I used to be a pretty unique student in my class, always receiving complaints and small scores. Admittedly, the main reason is that I am too neglectful of responsibility for myself. But the Covid-19 lockdown was a special time for me personally. By focusing on education, I reflect on myself and always ask questions: Who do I want to be? What version do I want to be? How can I raise my voice and contribute positive values to the community and society?"

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 5

Sharing her feelings after receiving the title, Miss Thu Uyen said: "Today's result is both my journey of effort and effort. I believe with my ability and determination in the past journey, I fully deserve the title of Miss."

During the press conference immediately after the final, the new Miss received many questions from reporters and media outlets, including questions about the queen's current relationship. However, a member of the pageant committee asked reporters not to ask questions about the new Miss's boyfriend because they were worried that the newly crowned children would be confused, giving sometimes controversial answers.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 6

"There has been a similar case of a miss that I am not comfortable naming. In the same way, many people dig into their stories. To me, that's very sinful. It's already a personal matter, please let you have a space. You are just crowned, please give them some privacy and don't ask that question," he said.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 7

The mention of a beauty queen who has gotten into a fuss over her boyfriend is said to be implicitly referring to Yin Nhi. Earlier, after being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023 and publicizing her boyfriend soon after, Y Nhi was constantly entangled in noise and was formed into an anti-group of more than 600,000 members.

The new Miss Ocean almost went down the path of Y Nhi, revealing her past as an isolated student - Photo 8

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