Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens

Trí NhiJun 12, 2024 at 17:11

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Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise has been the center of attention in recent days, as a series of photos of her daily life and exercising in the park have been widely shared. Suri Cruise is also about to enter a new chapter of her life.

In recent days, Suri Cruise has continuously appeared on the streets of New York, USA, with a confident and dynamic demeanor. She uses public bicycles to move and jog in the park. The 18-year-old g.irl is on her last summer vacation before leaving her biological mother and New York City to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to begin the independent life of a student at Carnegie Mellon University.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 1

Suri is showing her independence now that she has entered adulthood. She pursues a simple, active lifestyle. According to Hello magazine (USA), Suri will major in fashion design, but instead of studying in New York and continuing to live with her mother, Suri will go to school far from home. Carnegie Mellon University's Academy of Design is highly regarded for its tradition. This is one of the oldest institutions in the US and has a curriculum that receives high praise from experts.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 2

Suri's decision to go to school away from home is an interesting step that shows that the 18-year-old g.irl wants to have an independent life, gradually reducing her dependence on her family. In addition, when performing in school plays or professional stage plays on Broadway, New York, she always uses the name Suri Noelle.

Suri does not use her father's or mother's last name, she uses her mother's little-known middle name Noelle. It was an important move that showed Suri's desire to live independently, building her future in her own way. Interest in the fashion industry is said to be a "genetic tendency" in Suri's maternal family. Her grandmother was a fabric business before getting married.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 3

The love of fashion continued to be passed on to Suri's mother. Actress Katie Holmes is considered a star with an interesting fashion personality. She often collaborates with brands to launch joint product lines.

After her daughter became an adult, Katie Holmes began to share more about Suri. Previously, Katie's highest priority was to ensure her c.hild's privacy, so that Suri could have as normal a childhood as possible.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 4

Katie Holmes just shared with The Sunday Times news that Suri has a fashionable personality and knows how to express herself through fashion. Ever since Suri was young, Katie Holmes was impressed by her daughter's fashion sense. Suri always makes frank comments about the clothes her mother wears. Many times Suri's opinions surprise Katie Holmes.

Katie commented that her only daughter has a strong personality. "Once Suri has chosen to pursue a job, she will try her best until she is really good at that job. Right after that, she will find another activity to strive for. Suri is always very focused." loyal, hard-working. Suri is good at everything she wants to do," she said.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 5

Currently, as her daughter prepares to go to school away from home, Katie Holmes also demonstrates her adaptability in maintaining her active lifestyle. She said she wants to launch a skin care product line.

At the same time, Katie also wants to continue making new films and try her hand at writing novels. She also returned to acting on Broadway. Recently, the actress just launched a line of fashion accessories produced in collaboration with a brand.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 6

It can be seen that both Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are making great efforts to prepare for a new chapter in the lives of mother and daughter. In that new chapter, actor Tom Cruise does not appear.

Suri Cruise revealed a series of photos before turning to a new page, her beauty was sought after by netizens - Photo 7

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