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Nam Em's health is in danger and he doesn't dare turn off the livestream because he's afraid of fainting and no one will know

Nguyễn Kim16:12:16 12/03/2024
Besides the noise in his private life, Nam Em's current health also makes many people concerned. On a recent livestream, she suddenly had low b.lood sugar due to hunger, and didn't dare turn off the livestream for fear of fainting and no one would notice.

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Nam Em was hospitalized on the way to work at the Department of Information and Communications, netizen: "Is it a trick?"

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:19:49 28/02/2024
On February 28, Nam Em had a meeting with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City regarding the statements on this beauty's livestream. However, her absence caused many people to discuss. It was known that Nam Em had been hospitalized before for health reasons.

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Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless

Uyển Đình12:01:34 23/08/2023
The recent image of Nam Em has many fans worried and lamented. Her b.ody is much thinner than before with bruises, r.evealing an alarming state of health.

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Nam Em appeared with an alarmed look, shockingly declared Bach Cong Khanh, FC disbanded, ending it all

Nắng10:45:06 15/12/2022
Recently, the social network was stirred up by the "question" that the beloved couple Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh had friction and "emotional fracture" by the act of "ignoring" each other at a music night. At a music night held in Da Lat on the evening of December 9, Nam Em and...

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