Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho

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Sooyoung ( SNSD) is not only admired by netizens for her successful career in both singing and acting, but also makes people "envy" for her dreamlike love story with actor Jung Kyung Ho.

SNSD has just returned to the Kpop arena with the album Forever1 marking 15 years of its debut. The legendary g.irl group makes fans flutter thanks to the music that goes into people's hearts and the sublimation of talent and beauty. One of the most noticeable members in this comeback is Sooyoung with her spectacular beauty and charisma.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 1

Sooyoung has more than 15 years of successful showbiz experience, being well received as both an idol, singer and actress. Worth mentioning, she has transformed from a member who is considered to be not very talented in the "national g.irl group" to a bright actress and multi-talented star. And yet, she is also admired by Asian audiences for her decade-long beautiful love story with actor Hospital Playlist - Jung Kyung Ho.

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Sooyoung was born in 1990 in Seoul and started participating in showbiz when she was just a l.ittle g.irl. In 5th grade, the female idol was discovered by the leading Korean entertainment empire at that time, SM Entertainment, thanks to the SM Open Audition selection system. In 2002, after w.inning the Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo contest at the age of 12, Sooyoung bravely traveled alone to Japan to work in a two-person group called Route 0 with Marina Takahashi.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 2

Only 1 year later, Route 0 disbanded and Sooyoung returned to Korea, continuing her dream of becoming an idol with all the hard work and hardship at SM. The tireless efforts throughout childhood helped Sooyoung get a debut with SM's brand new project g.irl group called SNSD. This is also when the brilliant story of female idol Sooyoung begins.

In 2007, SNSD officially debuted with a 9-member lineup. Sooyoung attracts attention because of her height of 1m72 and ideal long legs. Sooyoung's family background is also well taken care of. It is known that the female idol's grandfather is the owner of a leading Korean architectural firm and once participated in the construction of the monumental Seoul Art Center.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 3

Her father graduated from the top Seoul University in Korea, worked in a series of famous companies and was the president of the Korean Association for the Prevention of Blindness. Sooyoung's mother and older sister work in the arts again. Sooyoung's mother majored in vocals and her older sister Choi Soo Jin is a famous musical actress.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 4

Like her family members, Sooyoung also has a successful career. She and SNSD became the national g.irl group sweeping Kpop with a series of hits. No matter how many new g.irl groups debut, SNSD will always be a role model for juniors, opening a new era.

Most recently, Sooyoung has re-appeared with Forever1 in the same group and made a strong impression thanks to her growing beauty. SNSD can be said to be the legendary g.irl group, operating the longest in Korea and still maintaining a respectable reputation. After 15 years, Sooyoung still retains her sharp facial features, even more and more attractive. And yet, Sooyoung's singing and dancing skills are even said to be more fluent than in the past, even though this beauty has focused on acting for many years. Having said that, few people can keep a steady performance like Sooyoung in particular and SNSD in general.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 5

During her time with SNSD, Sooyoung tried her hand at acting many times, appearing in films like Dating Agency: Cyrano, My Spring Days, Perfect Sense... Back then, many producers saw the potential. from this female idol and highly appreciate Sooyoung's ability. By the end of 2017, Sooyoung decided not to renew her contract with SM and left the company but remained a member of SNSD.

She focused on acting and gradually transformed into a professional actress, trying out many difficult roles. After this, Sooyoung was finally able to confidently accept the main role and bring about remarkable achievements in the acting field. Sooyoung's roles in Tell Me What You Saw, Run On, So I Married An Anti-Fan... all made a good impression on the public throughout Asia.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 6

A decade-long fairy tale love story with actor Jung Kyung Ho

In addition to a successful career, Sooyoung also has an admirable love story with actor Jung Kyung Ho. The two stars are one of the most loved and expected couples by the public. Over the past decade, Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have always shown their gentle and cute affection, not afraid to mention each other with the most sincere and sweetest words in front of the camera, on TV shows. .

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 7

The star couple's love stems from the relationship between fans and idols. Jung Kyung Ho has been a fan of SNSD since the group's debut in 2007. He loves music, follows the group's activities and buys tickets to concerts to cheer him on. Out of the nine girls, he has feelings for Soo Young - the tallest member of the group. Later, through the connection of friends, he was fortunate to meet his idol at a party. The two gradually fell in love and fell in love with each other in 2012, but in 2014, when Dispatch released a series of dating photos, they made it public.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 8

Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young build love based on mutual respect and help. To Soo Young, Kyung Ho is like a teacher who only teaches her many skills when entering the acting field. Jung Kyung Ho often shares acting advice with his girlfriend, and Sooyoung pays attention to every little detail of Jung Kyung Ho.

The actor once shared about Sooyoung: "I became the person I am now by listening to what Sooyoung told me to do and avoiding doing what she told me not to. Even small things like washing hands before eating, I brush my teeth before bed, don't drink a lot or wear neat clothes. I always listen to what my girlfriend has to say."

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 9

Busy work schedules, both cultivate affection from small things. Jung Kyung Ho was repeatedly caught by fans waiting for Soo Young to finish work to take him to dinner. The actor also maintains the habit of calling his girlfriend every day, no matter how late. The moment Soo Young smiled when her boyfriend asked what he was doing today, tired in a Vlog that made fans excited. Below, many people complimented Kyung Ho on being sweet, caring, and admired the two's affection. Shin Shin's account wrote: "I feel the sweetness of love overflowing on the screen. Being cared for by my lover like that makes all the fatigue disappear. Hope the two are happy together for a long time."

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 10

In their free time, the two go on a trip, go to the supermarket or go for a walk to warm up their feelings. The Korean media has many times hunted for pictures of a couple holding hands on a crowded street, not avoiding them like some celebrities. They are also comfortable interacting on social networks. Once, Soo Young livestreamed interacting with fans, Kyung Ho continuously sent comments with content such as: "When is your movie going to air?", "Is there a kiss scene?", "I have to have a kiss scene this week?" Go to the dentist, please say 'Be strong' to me"...

In the show Heo Young Man's Alumni Journey in September 2020, the actor said that due to hepatitis B treatment, he abstained from beef and pork for about 5 years, mainly eating fish and chicken. Soo Young also eats like this to suit and boost his spirit. Their love story is also supported by their families and SNSD members.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 11

During a decade together, when asked about his plans to get married, Jung Kyung Ho said he was waiting for his girlfriend to stabilize his career. On IIgan Sports, he said, "I want to get married but can't do it just for myself. I have to think about Soo Young too. I want to be a springboard to help her start acting. I don't want to. become a burden and delay her career by getting married."

It can be said that Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho are "the most famous couple in Kbiz", everyone hopes that they will both return to the same house soon.

Sooyoung (SNSD) - Female idol with a rich background and a decade-long love affair with Jung Kyung Ho - Photo 12

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