Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift

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Recently, Osen newspaper reported that actress Ahn Hye Kyung (To The Beautiful You) has just appeared on the show Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 - You Are My Destiny and has many remarkable shares about her wedding.

The artist, who was born in 1979, said that Song Joong Ki took the initiative to offer to master the marriage at the wedding, "He said he wanted to be the master of the marriage. At that time I was very surprised, thought I was dreaming."

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 1

After their romantic wedding, the To The Beautiful You actress and her husband decided to go to Italy for their honeymoon. Upon learning of this, Song Joong Ki did not hesitate to invite Ahn Hye Kyung and his wife to stay at their home in Rome. The actress had already accepted, but when she arrived at the apartment, she changed her mind when she saw that 1 acquaintance of Song Joong Ki was living there. In the end, the goddess surnamed Song decided to book a hotel room for Ahn Hye Kyung and his wife for 3 days.

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 2

Also on " Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 - You Are My Destiny," Ahn Hye Kyung suddenly revealed that she repeatedly compared her husband to Song Joong Ki. Because of this, her husband was unhappy, even angry with the actress.

In addition, the artist born in 1979 also candidly shared about the difference between her and her partner: "I care about fashion, like to dress up, but my husband only likes to wear casual, comfortable clothes."

Ahn Hye Kyung started as a weather forecaster for MBC. After that, she switched to acting, making her mark with many notable roles in hit dramas such as To the Beautiful You, School 2013, The Son of the Farmer... 2 months ago, the actress got married to director of photography Song Yo Hun at 1 wedding center in Gangnam district (Seoul).

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 3

In addition to his career not prospering, Song Joong Ki also caused controversy with his inaccurate statements and alleged actions to squeeze juniors.

Specifically, the actor once shared his worries about getting married because he would interrupt his career, even lose his job because he was married. "Being a husband and father means losing a lot of job opportunities in the entertainment world," the actor said in the interview.

Song Joong Ki's comments were judged to show gender inequality because the actor practically did not have to take long breaks to give birth like female artists, his incomplete thinking received much criticism from the public.

Hashtags related to Song Joong Ki and the interview became the talk of Weibo. Many people believe that the Korean actor is too attentive to the image, saying things that can make his wife and children sad.

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 4

Song Joong Ki later had to explain his statement, "I received this information later because I was in Italy after the b.aby was born. I never once had such a thought, but it was an interview in English. Then I realized, 'Well, it could sound like that.' Because my job affects many people, I think I should think carefully and speak well," Song Joong Ki said, explaining that his interview was made with translation errors and misrepresentations.

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 5

However, Song Joong Ki's reaction was slow, not responding to the scandal in time, causing many viewers to have a bad impression of the actor.

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 6

In addition, Song Joong Ki recently became involved in the controversy "competing for the middle position (center) with junior Hong Sa Bin. In Hopeless, Hong Sa Bin plays the male lead, however, the male artist is less popular than Song Joong Ki. In many activities, Song Joong Ki automatically stands in the middle of the cast and director. The behavior of the Descendants of the Sun actor is judged to be pinching juniors, preferring to dominate. Although Song Joong Ki's fans have come up with many explanations, his reputation has still suffered.

Song Joong Ki makes the famous actress and her husband rummage, at risk of a rift - Photo 7

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