Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears?

Diệu AnhApr 05, 2024 at 17:30

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Most recently, Song Joong Ki made a cameo appearance in Queen of Tears, bringing mafia lawyer Vincenzo back to the small screen. Many people were curious, not knowing how much the crew had to pay for Song Joong Ki to appear for a few minutes in the drama.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 1

Specifically, in episode 8 of Queen of Tears aired on March 31, Song Joong Ki's appearance as mafia lawyer Vincenzo – the famous role he played in the film of the same name in 2021 – caused a fever in the online community in Korea and many other Asian countries.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 2

Special appearances are usually arranged through the relationship of the writer, director, and lead actor. Song Joong-ki's special appearance in "Queen of Tears" was arranged through his relationship with actress Kim Ji-won, who had collaborated with him in previous works such as "Descendants of the Sun," "Arthdal Chronicles," and more.

Song Joong-ki's cameo helped "Queen of Tears " achieve a 16.1% viewership rating, its best performance since it aired. The actor also thanks to that partly restored sympathy in the hearts of the audience.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 3

According to Netflix's report, from March 25 to 31, "Queen of Tears" has amassed 4.3 million views, and with this impressive number, tvN's drama has confirmed its coveted first place - ranking first in the drama series category worldwide.

It is known that the cassette will be calculated as "travel expenses". The term "travel expenses" refers to the travel expenses of employees accompanying actors. However, unlike feature films where most of the preparation is done by the production team themselves, in TV series, stylists and other staff also accompany actors to the s.hooting location, causing "travel expenses" to increase significantly.

Crew insiders said that famous actors make cameos not only because of their affection for the production team and actors. Depending on the popularity of the work, the character itself or the appeal of the dialogue, actors are eager to appear and in such cases, they may reduce the stake." Of course, there are also cases where actors make cameos without a cassette.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 4

For small-budget films and short TV series, it is normal for actors to appear for free. Song Joong-ki made headlines when he appeared as the male lead in "Hopeless," which was invited to last year's Cannes Film Festival without receiving a win. An official said, "Depending on the actor's personality, they may not receive a commission. Considering Song Joong Ki's personality, it is likely that he appeared out of affection without receiving any remuneration."

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 5

2023 can be called the most turbulent year of Song Joong Ki's entertainment career. Already in the first month of the year, he announced his remarriage to former British actress Katy Louise Saunders and has children. Since then, Song Joong Ki has been attacked by netizens for a long time, especially after learning that he met his second wife just a few months after divorcing Song Hye Kyo. Many people believe that he is a fake person when he directs public opinion to attack Song Hye Kyo with suspicions of infidelity, while he is the one who started a new relationship first.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 6

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 7

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 8

Not stopping there, Song Joong Ki was constantly involved in personality scandals, had a "condescending" attitude to reporters. He was also criticized when he said in an interview that he worried about getting married and having children affecting his work. Viewers also accused the Nice Guy star of having star disease while taking center stage during the promotion of Hopeless. In a survey conducted by Sports Kyunghyang , he was listed among the 5 worst behaved artists voted by 55 film reporters.

Song Joong Ki ran out of time, accepted not to exchange for 5 minutes of Queen of Tears? - Photo 9

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