Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community

Phi ĐứcMar 31, 2024 at 14:08

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Son Tung M-TP interacted for the first time with K-ICM juniors, making the online community extremely excited. Not only that, he also gave many compliments to Jack's one-time partner.

The song We of the Future , Son Tung's comeback, continues to receive positive feedback from the audience. Currently, this song is still holding the Top 1 Trending Music YouTube with more than 36 million views on YouTube. On the TikTok platform, Son Tung is also creating a very h.ot trend when there are many fans "duet" with the male singer.

Especially recently, the owner of this song suddenly posted a "duet" clip with K-ICM, surprising the online community. This is also the first time that Son Tung interacted with K-ICM on social networks, so it immediately attracted attention.

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 1

Unlike other duet clips, K-ICM's "duet" clip is harmonized with the melody of the piano. Besides, the harmony between the original version and the extremely melodious saxophone sound has created a difference for the song. Hearing this newly arranged melody, Son Tung couldn't help but give 7 words to his junior: "It's so lyrical, so poignant" .

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 2

When his name was still "attached" to Jack, K-ICM was considered a "serious competitor" when he and his close friend repeatedly broke Son Tung M-TP's records. That's why now, Son Tung publicly interacts with K-ICM, as well as giving compliments to his juniors, making netizens extremely excited. The clip has only been on air for less than an hour but has received more than 232 thousand views on TikTok.

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 3

Recently, when the noise between Jack and ViruSs broke out, K-ICM was also constantly mentioned on social networks. K-ICM (born in 1999) and Jack once became a famous producer and singer duo in the Vietnamese music market. Together they created many products with hundreds of millions of views such as Fate, Waves ... However, the duo disbanded in 2020 with many disagreements and conflicts.

When the controversy broke out, K-ICM affirmed: "I never wanted that to happen. But now that it has happened, I hope Jack and the company can sit down together to resolve everything. ICM Company affirms that it has never exploited or violated Jack's rights .

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 4

He added that the two of them work very well together. Just need K-ICM to play, Jack will think of a song. "We often sit together to create the initial stages, when it's just na, na, na." After going their separate ways, neither Jack nor K-ICM's products achieved the same explosive effect as before.

In December 2023, K-ICM announced a joint company with B Ray, Masew... Sharing about this issue, the producer said: "We grew up together and now live together in the same house.

In recent years, K-ICM has not permanently collaborated with any artist. He released many products with many artists such as Van Mai Huong, Phuong Thanh, Trung Quan Idol... or young faces like Lena, Quang Dong. Among them, Need a Reason performed by K-ICM and Quang Dong reached 14 million views.

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 5

At the present time, K-ICM lives quite privately, he does not share much information about his private life like before. Khanh said he used work to compensate for the mental instability after the incident. Regarding comments regarding Jack's noise, the musician said he doesn't mind but wants to focus on music.

Recently, K-ICM has been the music director for many events. He admitted that he has passed his glory days, now he is more suited to standing behind the stage than appearing in front of the audience.

Son Tung M-TP interacted with K-ICM for the first time, causing a stir in the online community - Photo 6

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