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Selena Gomez expressed: "Benny Blanco is the best person I have ever dated, he is everything to me"

Phi Đức18:50:34 19/12/2023
Selena Gomez is in sweet love with singer, rapper and producer Benny Blanco. On December 7 (local time), on her personal page, the Wolves singer announced her relationship with Benny Blanco, with an image of her intimately locking lips with her boyfriend.

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Selena Gomez "said green" when netizens rumored to be blowing new song Single Soon about old love

Bảo Tiên14:33:18 30/08/2023
After a period of silence, Selena Gomez's announcement of her return to the music circuit was welcomed by a large number of fans. Besides, many rumors surrounding the new product make it difficult for the singer to stay.

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