Seungri: From Bigbang's youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP

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Trading his youth with Big Bang, Seungri chose the path that no one wanted. The promise: "We will definitely meet again when all the flowers bloom" that Big Bang sent to fans in the song Flower Road will probably not be fulfilled.

In 2005 - 2006, the process of forming Big Bang was recorded in detail in the reality show Big Bang Documentary. There, the boys G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri and Hyunseung (later eliminated and joined Beast) all had to overcome many personal and company challenges to join showbiz as a role. Big Bang member.

As for Seungri (real name: Lee Seung Hyun), a 16-year-old b.oy from the small province of Gwangju and also the youngest, he had to always show determination and try his best because he was always judged to have an inferior singing voice. the rest of you.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 1

Seungri was even removed from the lineup by YG boss Yang Hyun Suk before Big Bang debuted. However, that young man mustered up the courage to ask for another chance and luck smiled on him. The singer born in 1990 finally became a member of Big Bang and took the stage name Seungri (Korean meaning Victory). The group officially "went public" in August 2006.

In 2007 - 2008, Big Bang burst onto the scene with the "national song" Lies. After that, the group continuously succeeded with the hits Last Farewell, Stand Up, Day by Day, Remember, Sunset Glow... In particular, not only did Seungri contribute vocals, he was also in charge of choreographing a number of songs for his group. me. With popular music products, Big Bang quickly rose to the level of a top b.oy band and Seungri is considered the Golden maknae of Kpop.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 2

Also in the years 2008 - 2010, Big Bang was successful, the members also took turns going solo and received positive signals. As for Seungri, he first dabbled in musicals and began participating in music shows as an MC. However, he is always considered the least talented person in the excellent group Big Bang.

By the time Strong B.aby was released, the public had a different view of Seungri. No longer the adorable youngest brother of Big Bang, the male artist in his solo song Strong B.aby did not hesitate to act in sensitive scenes with catchy music.

Strong B.aby helps him confirm his talent as well as show everyone that he is an indispensable part of the Big Bang squad. Seungri and Strong B.aby won the triple crown (three consecutive weekly trophies) on SBS Inkigayo, a milestone that not all solo singers could achieve at that time.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 3

However, the above song is also a huge shadow in YG's career. The albums VVIP and Let's Talk About Love, produced and composed by Seungri himself, also achieved large sales but were not as popular as Strong B.aby. As for him, it was said that he had not made any remarkable progress after many years of singing, increasingly faded on stage and was only known when standing with the four older brothers in the group.

Besides his "evil" music career, Seungri's film fortune is also not highly appreciated. From big screen works like Nineteen, Why Did You Come to My House?, High & Low: The Movie, Love Only, to the dramas Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo, Angel Eyes... all do not have a memorable mark. .

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 4

In an increasingly saturated entertainment industry, with talented Kpop idols springing up like mushrooms after the rain, Seungri's position has no guarantee other than the label of a Big Bang member. However, thanks to his good foreign language skills, he still earned many contracts at famous art shows.

It can be said that he is one of the Korean artists with the best foreign language skills, being fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Taking on the role of coach in a talent search program in the most populous country on the planet, Seungri speaks fluently in Chinese and is respected by many Chinese colleagues and students.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 5

After working in music, musicals and movies, Seungri started DJing and doing business. Thanks to his musical background, he is successful as an MC. However, in business, he has achieved even more achievements than that. Seungri owns and participates in operating noodle restaurants, clubs, bars... real estate investments. Besides, he also opened music and dance classes.

The time when the Strong B.aby hitmaker worked alone was also the time when he was involved in the most controversy. He was once featured in the newspaper with negative topics such as: sleeping poorly on the train, r.evealing sensitive photos, dating younger beauties, driving too fast, asking female juniors to pour drinks. wine like a hostess...

The c.limax of it all was when the Burning Sun club scandal broke out in early January 2019. The former idol star was prosecuted in January 2020 while serving his military service.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 6

In August 2021, the first trial of Seungri was charged with 9 crimes including accusations of illegal brokerage, illegal g.ambling... and was sentenced to 3 years in prison and fined 1.15 billion won (more than 20 billion VND).

Seungri appealed. He only admitted to 7 crimes and denied two charges related to illegal brokerage and violating foreign exchange trading laws through illegal g.ambling.

In the trial taking place in 2022, the former Big Bang member was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison, shorter than the first trial. The court also did not impose additional penalties. Seungri's punishment was considered light compared to the crimes of the former Big Bang member.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 7

The scandal of being investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned made Seungri decide to announce his withdrawal from the band Big Bang, stop working in the entertainment industry and end his contract with YG entertainment group. According to some close sources, Seungri was f.orced to leave the group.

In February 2023, Seungri was released from prison. Korean public opinion reacted harshly. The audience expressed concern about Seungri's ability to return to the entertainment industry. Every move of the male singer attracts public attention.

Seungri's life after being released from prison is said to be quite leisurely. He spends time traveling and meeting friends. In addition, the male singer was also seen frequenting nightclubs and was rumored to be "two-timing".

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 8

Recently, the BBC World Service investigation team released a documentary about the Burning Sun scandal. In particular, two Korean female journalists publicly exposed scandals involving Korean stars that caused a stir last year.

In particular, scenes related to Seungri ignited the anger of netizens. In the more than 1 hour long video, international media called the moment Seungri appeared at the party "the scary scene of the documentary". He shouted at a woman's face. Continuously grabbed this person's hand and pulled him away and even almost hit this person in the face.

Seungri: From Bigbangs youngest member, thousands of people love him, to the scandalous tycoon that shocked KPOP - Photo 9

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