Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen

Hoàng AnhApr 27, 2022 at 17:19

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After the scandal of manipulating the actor "Crash Landing on You", Son Ye ji surprised the audience by his beauty slipping, no longer as luxurious as the c.razy time.

In April 2021, Seo Ye Ji was exposed by Dispatch as a manipulator, controlling her boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, not allowing him to be close to her co-star Seohyun (SNSD). This scandal caused the "crazy woman" to be completely turned away by the audience. In February 2022, Seo Ye Ji just sent a letter of apology to the public and officially returned to the small screen with the new movie Eve.

Seo Ye Ji's apology has become the subject of a media and social media storm. Some viewers resolutely boycott Seo Ye Ji to the end after the scandal. But there are also others who think that "hit those who run away, not those who run back" and welcome the return of the actress.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 1

However, not long after returning, Seo Ye Ji continued to be entangled in a new scandal. It is known that the cult actress was accused of illegally parking her car, defying a space dispute with her neighbors. A netizen angrily accused the actress of going home to visit her parents 3 times a week and every time she parked her car in front of other people's cars, making it impossible for neighbors to go out. This has been going on continuously for 4 years.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 2

Neighbors also accused the "crazy woman" with no remorse for her wrong actions: "At first, I asked her if she was actress Seo Ye Ji, she denied. However, after a while she She called her lawyer. The lawyer listened to our frustrations for the past 4 years and apologized for everything. But Seo Ye Ji didn't seem to want to apologize. She said her parents would. soon moved and even asked me in return that you are not going to report online, are you?".

The parents of the c.razy beauty are also not gentle with the neighbors. The poster continued to accuse the parents of the "crazy woman" of setting a separate gate for the dog in the common stairwell area, making people around feel very inconvenient. This caused a conflict between them, even Seo Ye Ji's father clashed and threatened the neighbors. The actress's neighbors also posted pictures as evidence.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 3

After this denunciation post, Seo Ye Ji's management company officially spoke up. Accordingly, this was a misunderstanding and the actress's family apologized, "This matter arose due to misunderstandings. Seo Ye Ji's family apologized to all neighbors after being complained by them. 1 time later , the actress's family has moved. Everything has been resolved, but the apology may not satisfy some families."

This controversial incident once again made people more bored about Seo Ye Ji. Not only was the act of manipulating her boyfriend exposed, the "crazy woman" was also suspected of faking her education and treating employees badly. Continuity of scandal caused the image of the actress to lose serious points in the public eye.

Recently, on April 26, the station released a video of the actors of the movie Eve reading the script and here, the female lead Seo Ye Ji was the focus of attention.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 4

However, in this re-export, Seo Ye Ji's dress and makeup are somewhat looser, her face is also pale and clearly reduced. Many netizens think that she can no longer keep the luxurious and glamorous look like when she played C.razy, What's Wrong. The actress' comeback also caused mixed opinions. Many people support Seo Ye Ji, but there are also others who think that she is involved in too many scandals.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 5

Seo Ye Ji is a h.ot name after the success of C.razy What's Wrong. Not only as beautiful as a princess, the "crazy woman" also possesses an outstanding figure and an enviable ant waist. The actress is loved for her excellent visuals, b.ody and acting ability.

Seo Ye Ji is disappointing because her beauty has dropped after a series of scandals, it is difficult to return to the screen - Photo 6

However, the boyfriend manipulation scandal and a series of attitude scandals caused the beautiful and unique "crazy woman" image to completely collapse overnight. Seo Ye Ji is no longer a rising actress, loved by the public. She was turned away by netizens, "stoned" in series. Now, Seo Ye Ji is struggling to find a place and rebuild her image in the entertainment industry.

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