Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her!

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In a talk show, Sam admitted that his life before and after marriage had many differences. In particular, she revealed her mother-in-law's attitude after she gave birth to twins.

Accordingly, Sam is one of the first famous h.ot girls of Vietnamese showbiz. She fell in love with artistic activities when she became an actress and MC.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 1

In a 2021 program, Sam once shocked public opinion when asked "how much m.oney do you want your lover to have in his account?" - Sam replied: "If you're getting married, I think it's about 30 to 40 billion VND, that's a safe number."

Three years after the shocking statement, at the end of February 2024, Sam welcomed her first twins after a few months of registering her marriage with her hidden husband. Recently, appearing on a talk show, the actress born in 1990 said that since returning from the hospital, she has not had time to turn on the TV, and does not know any new TV shows or movies - even before There, when she gets home, she turns on the TV to watch.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 2

"From being a single g.irl, entering the threshold of marriage and having 2 babies, I couldn't help but encounter difficulties with my new life. Before, I was always outside, going to film sets, participating in business work." ... but now I'm always at home. When I open my eyes, nameless tasks come to me: Taking care of the b.aby, breastfeeding, expressing milk, changing diapers, arranging things for the b.aby...

Before, I heard that nursing mothers are very busy but I didn't believe it because at that time I thought taking care of a b.aby was not complicated. It wasn't until I had real experience that I realized being a mother is really busy," Sam confided.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 3

However, the actress feels a lot of happiness when she becomes a mother: "I get a lot in return: The joy and happiness of a mother when she sees her children being so cute and adorable. Seeing her children , all the hardships and busyness are no longer significant. Moreover, before I was single, but now I have 3 people at home: Husband, 2 children, someone to share everything with To live, I am willing to trade everything."

Sam also admitted that the sudden change in lifestyle caused her to face postpartum depression: "Before I heard about postpartum depression, I couldn't imagine what it was like, but when I experienced it, I I understand. I myself also suffered from postpartum depression, but I overcame it thanks to the encouragement and full support from my husband and mother.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 4

At one point, after giving birth, I suddenly burst into tears without understanding why. My husband's words of love also made me burst into tears, and as I sat there milking my tears, my tears also fell. At that time, I thought I might have postpartum depression. Seeing me like that, my husband was so scared that he canceled all his outside work to stay home with me, helping me feel secure and always have someone to take care of me. He always encouraged me in times like that, thanks to that I was able to regain balance and overcome depression."

Up to now, although Sam freely publishes pictures of her children, she is still determined not to r.eveal her husband's name. She said that her "other half" does not work in the entertainment industry, so she wants to keep his identity private so that he does not have to face pressure from public opinion.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 5

In addition, she revealed that she and her husband disagree on raising children. She freely shares her children, but her husband does not like this. However, he respects her decision.

"After the couple sat down to talk, he respected my decision. He said if I wanted to share the b.aby's photos, I would share them, but when the b.aby gets older, he starts to have his own thoughts and decisions. "I said I don't want to post or take pictures or videos, so you want me to respect you," the Messenger quoted Sam as saying.

After the controversy, h.ot g.irl Sam still continuously updates photos of her daughter Ijin and son Ijun. She said that Sam's daughter is her sister, and a b.oy was born later.

Sam shows off his daughter's adorable winking moment when she was born. "My son is the whole family. Does anyone arrest the son-in-law?" Sam wrote when sharing a picture of his son.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 6

Sam said her son looks exactly like her rich husband. Sam's husband is Korean, so Ijin and Ijun have mixed beauty. Sam further revealed that the twins were given Korean names by their grandparents.

Sam revealed an interesting thing about her Korean husband, which her mother-in-law delicately did for her! - Photo 7

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