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Jisoo - Rosé "confronted" tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:46:42 04/03/2024
After their time away from YG, the BLACKPINK members are all active with tight schedules. Recently, Jisoo and Rosé attracted attention with a series of achievements from music to fashion that made fans extremely proud.

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Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with "Snow White" Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable

Kim Lâm13:31:50 29/02/2024
Rosé was recently the focus at the show of fashion house Saint Laurent, within the framework of Paris Fashion Week. Not only with her impressive style, the Australian rose also attracted attention with her inconclusive beauty contest with Hollywood stars.

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