Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragon's use of 'banned substances'

Juni NguyễnOct 27, 2023 at 07:22

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While actor Lee Sun-kyun and singer G-Dragon were prosecuted for using banned substances, unfounded rumors in the entertainment industry were quickly spreading. In it, Rosé was also suddenly implicated.

Previously, on October 25, the Criminal Investigation Team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that G-Dragon was prosecuted for violating the Controlled Substances Act. However, the police clarified that G-Dragon's case and the previous case involving actor Lee Sun-kyun, who was charged with using marijuana and psychotropic d.rugs, are not related. The investigation of banned substances originating from an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul seems to be gradually spreading to the entertainment industry.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 1

Meanwhile, police recently prosecuted Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon for violating the Controlled Substances Act. Both Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon were found to have connections to B, the director of a luxury hostess bar.

The current chaos in the entertainment industry has caused innocent people to suddenly suffer losses. Kim Chae-won, BTS, Soyeon and others, whose names were mentioned in the rumors that were spread indiscriminately, finally had to react strongly.

On October 26, Source Music denied rumors that LE SSERAFIM's Kim Chae-won used banned substances. The representative said , "They are completely untrue. She is recovering from the effects of the flu and will resume activities starting November 1."

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 2

Kim Chae-won took a rest after being diagnosed with type A influenza. When the entertainment industry was shocked by a series of banned substance use scandals, some people even spread false rumors based on time. her long absence.

Or, Park Seon-joo also had difficulties because of rumors of using banned substances. On the same day, her management company issued a statement affirming that all rumors are malicious and baseless. Or (G)I-DLE Soyeon is also mentioned. As soon as the rumors spread, CUBE Entertainment denied everything and announced strong legal action.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 3

BST is no exception when caught up in rumors related to the luxury hostess bar that actor Lee Sun-kyun, who is being investigated for banned substances, visited. In response, Big Hit Music reacted harshly, saying: "BTS has nothing to do with that."

In fact, even before recent issues, several celebrities had faced similar fake news. BlackPink's Rosé was also accused of smoking and using banned substances due to the appearance of an ashtray in a group photo she took with the creative director of a brand.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 4

Actress Kang Hye-won of IZ*ONE was also caught in the crossfire when a series of articles published information about her using banned substances. Immediately afterward, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department's controlled substance investigation team revealed that the article about IZ*ONE actress Kang Hye-won being investigated for using banned substances was completely false.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 5

Or both P-Nation, Psy's management company, and TN Entertainment, representing Soyul, both issued statements to the media, denying any involvement in the ongoing banned substances scandal.

They firmly affirmed that the rumors regarding their artists such as Park Sun Joo, Psy, Soyu along with these accusations are baseless, and vowed to take legal action if such rumors still going on.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 6

Besides the famous names of Kpop, the advertising industry may be most affected by G-Dragon's arrest without being detained for investigation. G-Dragon was appointed Chanel ambassador in 2016, attracting attention as the brand's first Asian male ambassador. He has participated in many official Chanel events, and his wardrobe and accessories are filled with Chanel products.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 7

However, this incident may have an inevitable impact on Chanel's image when many netizens have shared photos and videos raising suspicions that G-Dragon used banned substances while wearing Chanel clothes. . While Chanel still maintains a cautious stance, if G-Dragon's allegations of using banned substances are confirmed through a police investigation, this issue could escalate into a compensation claim.

Rosé (Blackpink), Kang Hye-won and a series of k-pop artists are victims of G-Dragons use of banned substances - Photo 8

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