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Long Non La made his friends worried and made strange moves after news of cancer

Phi Đức15:27:57 20/04/2024
Amid the information that he was being treated for a serious illness, Long Non La suddenly made strange moves on social networks, making friends and colleagues worried and wondering about these actions.

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Long Non La had cancer, Thai VG said one sentence that made the whole team take action at the same time

Hoa Tuyết17:11:10 19/04/2024
Hearing that Long Non La unfortunately had a serious illness, coach Thai VG and his other students in Rap Viet season 3 took actions that made fans emotional.

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Long Non La - Thai student of VG "Rap Viet season 3" is undergoing cancer treatment

Khánh Huyền07:25:19 17/04/2024
Recently, at an event, rapper Long Non La (Thai team VG - Rap Viet 3) shared that he was suffering from cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. The information makes fans and the rap fan community extremely worried.

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