Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man?

An NhiMay 21, 2024 at 16:03

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Up to now, rumors about runner-up Phuong Nhi's hiding place are still a question mark for the media and the public. Recently, on social media, there was suddenly information that the queen born in 2002 had secretly built a huge villa.

Recently, the disappearance of runner-up Phuong Nhi on social networks is still a topic that makes many audiences feel extremely confused. Not stopping there, she also did not make any moves related to the sisters in the same company, causing rumors that she had left the management unit.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 1

Recently, a construction unit suddenly revealed a 3D drawing of a villa called "Phuong Nhi Villa" that is causing a stir. Specifically, the post said the villa model belongs to runner-up Phuong Nhi, has a land area of 1000m2 and a construction area of 320m2/floor.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 2

The outside space of Phuong Nhi Villa is decorated in sweet pink tones and has many green trees. The 3D drawing makes many people admire its luxury. Inside is designed with a swimming pool and colorful flower arrangement, making every corner become poetic and fairy-like.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 3

The public cannot help but be skeptical about the reliability of the article related to Phuong Nhi's villa. Many people predict that runner-up Phuong Nhi is planning to build her own villa. But in fact, the article about this pink villa was previously posted by Phuong Nhi on her personal page. The beauty also clearly stated that the above image is her dream house. She asked the team of architects to come up with ideas and use that as motivation to try.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 4

Some fans estimate that Phuong Nhi's dream villa could cost up to several million USD if the drawings are executed correctly.

At the Miss International 2022 contest, despite receiving many controversies, runner-up Phuong Nhi still achieved the final top 15 results thanks to audience votes. Even though she stopped in the top 15, she learned a lot and saw it as a stepping stone for the future.

However, returning to Vietnam after the competition, runner-up Phuong Nhu seemed to become more secretive and no longer updated her activities on social networks. Although the company continuously denies the rumors surrounding runner-up Phuong Nhi, the audience still feels that there is something hidden behind Phuong Nhi's absolute "silence".

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 5

Until the afternoon of April 22, the new generation "billionaire fairy" wrote a letter for the first time to explain the reason for the recent inactivity. Specifically, Phuong Nhi said the reason rarely appears because she spends most of her time studying.

"Nhi was really surprised and touched. Even though she was absent from artistic activities for a while to focus on studying, everyone's precious love for Nhi is still overwhelming.

From the bottom of my heart, Nhi would like to thank her father Dong, mother Nguyet, father Nam, mother Dung, sister Bao Ngoc, sister Mai Phuong and her beloved colleagues.

In particular, Nhi would like to sincerely thank all the viewers and fans for always caring and giving good wishes for Nhi's 22nd year.

That will be extremely valuable luggage for Nhi to move forward, continue to improve herself, to be worthy of everyone's love and expectations!", Phuong Nhi wrote.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 6

Regarding the suspicion that Phuong Nhi terminated the contract and left the company because of deleting the work contact section on her personal page, the queen's representative also gave a response. Accordingly, the team said that work contact information is still kept on runner-up Phuong Nhi's Fanpage, and the personal page has no commercial purpose.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 7

Previously, because of busy work after the coronation and preparing for the journey to compete for Miss International, Phuong Nhi had to reserve her studies. Once she had completed her responsibilities, the beauty returned to Hanoi Law University to continue her university program. In an interview, the queen revealed her dream of pursuing her passion for acting after her term ends.

Phuong Nhi quietly built a 1,000m2 villa after suspicions that she was about to marry a rich man? - Photo 8

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