Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at "Who is that person"

NắngJul 07, 2023 at 15:07

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In episode 8 "Who is that person" this season, there will be 2 special guests in the role of advisors, Phuong My Chi and Quan AP.

In addition, there is also the participation of supermodel Minh Tu, ST Son Thach. The youngest in the team of advisors, Phuong My Chi received everyone's attention.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 1

As soon as she appeared on stage, the mature vocalist from The Voice Kids attracted attention thanks to her curly, princess-like hair. She also braided her hair and wore a dreamy purple long dress.

The vocalist Pushing the ox cart politely greeted "uncle" Tran Thanh and everyone in the advisory board. " Normally, I have to tell him to call me 'brother'. In this particular case, I can't, because I was his uncle when he was young, " Tran Thanh said.

Phuong My Chi immediately "peeled" Tran Thanh: " Have you seen him force a 2K6 friend to call him by his name ". Tran Thanh admitted: " Yes, you must be like that ". However, the voice born in 2003 has not yet given up: " I watch it at home, but I feel embarrassed for you ". The male MC immediately expressed: " I'm also embarrassed for you... But you shouldn't repeat it like that " causing Phuong My Chi to lose her voice.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 2

The fact that Phuong My Chi appeared in the mentoring lineup was also controversial among netizens as soon as the program's fanpage posted guest images. A part of the public expressed that she was too young to have experience in love affairs, appearing on such a program would be unreasonable.

In another dimension, fans are "wait" to see Phuong My Chi's participation. Because this 2K female singer is also one of the very "muddy" girls of showbiz. Many people also expressed, now that Phuong My Chi is 20 years old, it is completely possible to talk about love, not being a b.aby.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 3

Not long ago, sharing with the press, the runner-up of the Vietnamese Voice C.hild once shared, I have never been in love and currently do not think about love, also because I am busy with work and life. The female singer also admitted: "I don't think I'm pretty, I don't have many advantages".

She also expressed, she is not sad when there is no love. She thought that what was right would come to her even if it was a little late.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 4

"Sister Seven" also confided that she was touched and "fallen in love" by someone with a beautiful appearance and delicate actions. If you love, Phuong My Chi publicly or not... depends on your mood.

In another development, recently, the online community shared a clip recording Phuong My Chi's performance at a music night in Da Lat quite a while ago. However, what makes this performance of "folk song girl" once again receive a lot of attention from fans is the moment when the female singer was so moved that she burst into tears right on stage.

Appearing in front of a large audience with a familiar fashion style when wearing a pink long dress like a real g.irl, Phuong My Chi brought a cover of the song Xich Linh with a half Vietnamese version. , half Chinese made the audience extremely excited.

In terms of vocals, Phuong My Chi did not disappoint fans when she showed off her sweet voice and smooth way of moving. Notably, Phuong My Chi perfectly performed the fake vocal lines as well as the high notes in this song, which were also easily and technically conquered by the female singer.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 5

At the end of the song, Phuong My Chi made the audience present constantly clapping and praising when she sang Chinese songs very accurately and smoothly, despite her very young age, "the folk song girl" had express the emotions of this famous song very fully.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 6

Notably, in addition to the ability to sing live "like swallowing a disc", professional performance style, the moment Phuong My Chi was so emotional that she burst into tears on stage because she was so immersed in the story of the song that many people were surprised. tears, praising the female singer's concentration in each performance. At the same time, this is also the rare time that Phuong My Chi could not hold back her emotions in front of a large audience.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 7

For more than 10 years of artistic activity, the voice of my hometown in the flood season always keeps a clean image in the eyes of the audience. Phuong My Chi's hard work and progress has also helped the singer reap many "sweet fruits" in her music career.

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 8

Phuong My Chi burst into tears on stage, rarely talked about love at Who is that person - Photo 9

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