The bridesmaid at Quang Hai's wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend

Phượng VũApr 12, 2024 at 21:14

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Recently, the beloved couple in the Mobile Union community - LS and QH officially "went their separate ways". It is worth mentioning that after that, the g.irl continuously received a number of malicious comments.

Find out that from mid-2021 to October 2022, when they publicly dated, LS and QH received great support from the Lien Quan Mobile community. In the post marking a new chapter in the love story, the female streamer also excitedly shared: "Enough of the challenges and turbulence, we just love each other."

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 1

The two are also considered by people to be a very beautiful couple, but everyone realizes that their biggest obstacle is the distance between the two regions. Because of the different characteristics of their work and personal lives, it is difficult for L. and QH to change their place of residence. Even so, the two still strive for each other, cultivating and building their feelings; have absolute trust in each other.

Remember, LS once shared with the media: "All the times we met each other were the most memorable memories. Because we rarely met each other, after we fell in love, we didn't see each other much, each in our own place. ".

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 2

At first, they saw it as a challenge, but over time "geographical distance" became a big problem that the two of them finally accepted to give up. And recently, the talented and beautiful couple officially "went their separate ways".

Worth mentioning, after the young couple's breakup was widely spread, there were a number of malicious comments aimed at LS. Accordingly, the streamer suddenly received many rumors claiming that she knew a rich man so she was new. leave the National Assembly

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 3

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 4

Immediately afterwards, the female streamer spoke up harshly. Specifically, she wrote: "In the past year and a half, the number of happy days spent together can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the number of days of being judged on one's dignity can be counted with a calendar... There are hundreds of each parting. Thousands of people insulted me even though no one in the meeting had announced the reason and of course the one who suffered was me...".

LS further revealed that the two tried to build a relationship but couldn't do it anymore so they broke up, not because of an impulsive decision, not even because of economic reasons: "Before coming to H., I didn't lack anything. Economic men want to be around.

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 5

Right below the comment section of the article, the female streamer affirmed that the two did not do anything wrong to the other, and broke up peacefully and respected each other. She also shared that the future depends on fate.

Not long ago, LS received a lot of attention when appearing at the wedding of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen. It is known that L. was present from the engagement ceremony to two wedding parties of the famous couple. If at the engagement ceremony, she was part of the bride's family, then at the wedding she was a bridesmaid, showing her closeness to the midfielder and his wife from Dong Anh.

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 6

L. also did not hesitate to r.eveal more details about the wedding party of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen, which took place at a 5-star hotel on April 6. First, she introduced the photography crew to the couple and said that this was a completely new crew, unlike previous engagements and weddings.

After that, LS shared more about other developments at the wedding party such as: Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen announced the good news, the wedding space was luxurious, the couple's friends and colleagues were all famous people but they were c.razy. arriving at the dock...

Especially on her personal page, the beautiful bridesmaid also publicly announced the amount of m.oney she paid for Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen's wedding. "I'm happy to have 5 liters and eat 3 meals," L. half joked, half serious.

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 7

Many netizens have argued about L.'s action because they are afraid of making the wedding m.oney public. However, there are also people who think that this is probably just her humorous sharing to interact with fans and has no negative intention.

LS's post also made many people laugh because of how confusing it was. Netizens commented that it seemed like the beauty only spent 500,000 VND for Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen's wedding, but spent up to 5 million on preparing the outfit.

The bridesmaid at Quang Hais wedding questioned the rich couple and left her gamer boyfriend - Photo 8

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