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Vo Thi Thuy Hien: Grateful for a difficult childhood to be a businesswoman

Thư Kỳ11:20:10 08/06/2023
Coming from a sunny and windy land with a difficult family background, having to adventure, Vo Thi Thuy Hien used that as her sole strength to strive to become a successful businessman. That's why, a businesswoman's reflections on gratitude were told in a book...

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A 3-year-old b.oy in Dak Lak followed his grandmother and fell into a well, no miracles happened

NeKo18:34:12 30/01/2023
Currently, the cases related to children falling into deep wells appear more and more, which has rung an alarm bell for parents in protecting their children. Recently, there was a rare incident when she focused on working in the garden, when she remembered her grandchild with...

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After 6 months of coronation, how has Miss Ngoc Chau implemented charity projects?

Tuan Le08:18:33 31/12/2022
After being crowned, Ngoc Chau began to fulfill her promise when implementing 2 important projects in parallel: Trans-Vietnam Scholarship A.ward and Medical Miracle. She has awarded 90 scholarships in Tay Ninh, 150 scholarships in Son La. In the near future, Ngoc Chau hopes to be...

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Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage

Hoàng Anh16:15:29 08/06/2022
Push Puttichai plays the male lead - Chatchavee in the Thai movie that is causing a fever all over Asia "The leaf rolls away". He is considered a handsome Thai screen man, has a successful career and a happy married life. Recently, on his personal page, actor Push Puttichai was...

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