Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert?

Gia HoàngAug 24, 2023 at 07:09

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As a familiar face of country music, the diva revealed the shocking remuneration, in addition to the privileges that she enjoys every night that many people desire.

Adele - One of the cult superstars of the world music industry surprised many people when information about her salary was revealed. The Sun newspaper once published an article about Adele being paid 15 billion VND for the concert within the framework of the Weekends With Adele series in Las Vegas lasting for 12 weeks.

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 1

However, Adele only performs every 6th and 7th at The Colosseum theater. To be lucky enough to enjoy the concert with Adele, the audience will have to pay from 70 to 9000 pounds (Equivalent to 2 million to more than 277 million VND).

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 2

In addition, Adele will also enjoy very noble privileges during her stay at Caesars Palace such as: Staying in a luxury hotel for £30,000 per night, free dining, having her own butler and even a private g.ambling room.

After Adele receives this salary, she will officially become one of the most profitable female singers in the history of Las Vegas performances, second only to Lady Gaga.

Previously, Celebrity Net Worth also shared Adele's net worth of $ 19 million in 2021 (About VND 4,324 billion). This figure is Adele's real asset, excluding profits from studio album sales or digital music platforms.

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 3

Previously, despite being silent for nearly 6 years, the amount of m.oney Adele earned from previous studio albums such as 19, 21, 25 has not once shown signs of decline. With her return to the same 30, Adele's fortune will surely increase significantly as this album is currently very successful around the world.

In the past, vocalist Hello has shocked the world with his makeover. Adele is the beauty with the hottest b.ody in the entertainment world today because of her miraculous weight loss after many years, making fans familiar with the image of "chubby".

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 4

From a singer who is always proud of her full b.ody, suddenly "Sister Flat" made the media and fans tip their hats when she first appeared after losing 19kg, next, Adele "conquered" new weight categories with an extremely youthful image, Waist and worth mentioning, beauty has since also risen to the "buzz" ranking.

It can be said that the image marking Adele's spectacular change was 6 months ago when the "Someone Like You" hitmaker wore a dress that showed off her bare shoulders and her face could not be more radiant at rapper Drake's birthday party. All entertainment sites in the world simultaneously reported and unbelievable weight loss images of the beauty. At that time, Adele had lost 19kg from her original weight.

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 5

Following that, people continued to be overwhelmed with 2 photos posted on Adele's Christmas occasion. Her slim face, relieved b.ody, round 1 is full and round 2 is compact, proving that Adele is having a successful and stunning weight loss cycle.

Losing up to 20kg, the singer's skin was immediately affected. In the weekend trip photo shared by friends, Adele showed her face with somewhat sagging skin, but Adele's bright smile, eyes full of confidence and happiness overshadowed it all. The "Rolling In The Deep" singer is completely satisfied with herself and is becoming more and more charming.

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 6

To achieve this shocking and equally satisfying result, Adele hired her own personal trainer (PT) Pete Geracimo - the man behind the beautiful image of many famous celebs in the entertainment industry. Many people believe that Adele intends to slap herself back after breaking up with her husband after 8 years together.

As a result, Adele's weight dropped rapidly. After losing up to 19kg, Adele has now lost up to 100 pounds (equivalent to 45kg) - an impressive number and stunned the public. At one point, people had to lament when witnessing the image of the singer in a tight gym suit showing off her b.ody "round and round" but her face was emaciated, her skin wrinkled.

However, in return, after a series of days of "sweating boiling tears" at the gym, Adele is now the beauty with the hottest physique in Hollywood. The rare images of beauties when attending large and small events make people "feverish", admire and admire the beauty in the process of slapping back her appearance.

Who is the singer who once shocked the world to r.eveal the huge price of 15 billion VND for a concert? - Photo 7

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