Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer

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After tense dramas with no Phuoc Thinh about music copyright, musician Do Hieu finally made definitive bans on the singer as well as talking about no Phuoc Thinh's attitude towards him.

In recent days, the drama between musician Do Hieu and singer no Phuoc Thinh has caused a stir on social media. According to Do Hieu, after the expiration of the exclusivity period, the singer did not renew the contract or agree on copyright costs, the two did not find common ground in this story. Therefore, Do Hieu decided not to allow no Phuoc Thinh to continue exploiting or using these songs.

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 1

Even on November 1, Do Hieu strongly stated: "From today 28-10-2023, I would like to announce that all acts of performing and using Do Hieu's musical works without the author's consent are considered as copyright infringement of musical works."

Not stopping there, recently, musician Do Hieu has shared the story between himself and no Phuoc Thinh in Kien Thuong newspaper. Accordingly, musician Do Hieu said that the reason he publicly clarified the issue was something he himself did not want. Because, the musician himself always understands that "More or less, this incident will definitely affect me personally as well as singer no Phuoc Thinh. Not only that, singers with familiar connections, colleagues of both will be in an awkward situation."

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 2

"I have to say this right away so that people can understand and understand me when I have to go to this last "vision", as a musician - the "father" of my dedicated music. Why two years? It was a time when I was waiting for an answer from singer no Phuoc Thinh as well as his manager. But in the end, what I received back was like a dipper of cold water splashed directly in my face," Do Hieu added to Knowledge reporter.

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 3

When asked about whether no Phuoc Thinh's side contacted the musician to work clearly after he spoke out about copyright issues, Do Hieu said: "I affirm that I have never given a number to the crew of singer no Phuoc Thinh, so all the numbers conjecture, attributing that Do Hieu shouted the price of 8 billion, 10 billion... are all baseless rumors, or there is some force, some group that is stuffing numbers into my mouth. This is also one of the main reasons I accepted to give an interview today, to once again confirm this to the public.

If you follow social media, you know how I was indirectly, passively contacted, stigmatized by some stories on social media by insiders!"

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 4

Talking about whether except for no Phuoc Thinh, Do Hieu has ever encountered any similar cases, the musician also revealed: "With some other cases, I have also been working with artists and siblings, most of which have received positive feedback. They also offered me encouragement to get things done, so I couldn't name them here.

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 5

For singer no Phuoc Thinh alone, I would like to be public. Through this incident, I would like permission to annoy people, ask permission to voice a voice for help from a "low-throated" musician, because apart from my enthusiastic compositions over the years of my profession, I really do not know tricks, decipher or construct media guises, orientation of public opinion, psychological pressure (if any).

I am only myself, whose music needs to be protected, wishing for fair treatment between the artist and the musician. Is it as outrageous as the gossip, comments, messages I'm receiving? Please help me think."

Musician Do Hieu decided not to spare no Phuoc Thinh, revealing the shocked attitude from the singer - Photo 6

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