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Nguyen Thanh Ha officially ended his term, handing the crown to Ukraine

Quỳnh Như16:05:13 30/04/2024
Nguyen Thanh Ha was moved to end her glorious term in Egypt. Over the past year, she has strived to complete her mission, contributing to raising awareness about environmental protection and inspiring the community.

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Mr. Nawat "turned around" and sent a representative to Miss Eco International, netizens criticized him for being mean

Nguyễn Kim13:44:28 20/04/2024
Recently, Mr. Nawat has made a decision that has raised many controversial opinions. This move went against his previous statement, causing many beauty fans to criticize.

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Nguyen Thanh Ha: The queen of 2004 made Vietnamese beauty famous, used to spend billions on charity

Pinky17:12:36 02/11/2023
Miss Nguyen Thanh Ha is known as a young beauty but talented of Vbiz. Crowned with the domestic title and immediately achieved another international crown, Thanh Ha made beauty fans proud.

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Miss Eco International "estranged" the new Miss Thanh Ha, not welcome, going to a small show?

KiKo10:20:29 10/03/2023
Nguyen Thanh Ha - Vietnam's representative was crowned Miss Eco International but is currently not interested by the public, in which most of the reason is attributed to the unprofessional way of working of the contest. Bringing an international title, but Nguyen Thanh Ha...

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HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Miss Eco returned home compared to Thuy Tien, talking directly about the "big sentence"?

KiKo09:30:55 07/03/2023
Compared to the scene of other beauties when being crowned internationally, returning home in the circle of fans, Nguyen Thanh Ha is different. New Miss Eco International returned home in a lack of enthusiasm, the airport was empty with only relatives and a few fans. Overcoming...

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Nguyen Thanh Ha - new Miss Eco International was "estranged" when she took the exam and was crowned "village pond"?

KiKo09:59:14 06/03/2023
Not receiving the support when going to the international arena, Nguyen Thanh Ha then still excellently crowned the highest position at Miss Eco International. However, the contest was suddenly criticized as "village pond", but, in fact, this contest was comparable to MGI...

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Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023

Hoàng Anh11:32:32 04/03/2023
Nguyen Thanh Ha is a name the audience is extremely interested in because she has represented Vietnam to overcome many competitors and win the Miss Environment World 2023 contest, which took place in Egypt recently. Nguyen Thanh Ha was born in 2004, from Ben Tre. She is 1.7 m...

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Finals of Miss Eco International 2023: The Vietnamese representative was crowned, stunned with the "mic"

pipi09:57:57 04/03/2023
chewing screen The final of Miss Eco International 2023 has officially closed with the crown belonging to the representative of Vietnam - Nguyen Thanh Ha. Thus, Vietnam continues to have one more international crown, increasingly asserting its name in the beauty arena. The...

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