Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023

Hoàng AnhMar 04, 2023 at 11:32

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Nguyen Thanh Ha is a name the audience is extremely interested in because she has represented Vietnam to overcome many competitors and win the Miss Environment World 2023 contest, which took place in Egypt recently.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 1

Nguyen Thanh Ha was born in 2004, from Ben Tre. She is 1.7 m tall, measuring three rounds 85-56-90 cm. She won the title of Miss Vinschool High School in Ho Chi Minh City, and has been a good student for many years.

After being crowned Miss Environment Vietnam in June 2022, Nguyen Thanh Ha participated in charity programs in her hometown of Ben Tre, interested in supporting poor women and children.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 2

She was selected by Con Dao district (Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) as the ambassador of Con Dao culture, tourism and environment, and at the same time called for environmental protection and development of sea and island tourism.

In addition, Nguyen Thanh Ha also became an ambassador accompanying the programs of the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union and localities in promoting environmental and cultural issues.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 3

At dawn on March 4 (Vietnam time), the final night of Miss Eco International 2023 (Miss Environment World) took place in Egypt with the competition of 65 contestants from countries and territories around the world. gender.

The contestants in turn went through the national costume contest, evening dress, behavior ... to choose the top 21, top 11 and top 5.

Previously, in the semi-final night of Miss Eco International 2023, Nguyen Thanh Ha won the environmental costume contest, so she was given a special place in the top 11.

It is a costume named "Water Spirit" inspired by the traditional art of water puppetry of Vietnam, designed by designer Nguyen Huu Binh.

In the final night, Nguyen Thanh Ha appeared confidently performing impressive performances.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 4

At the beginning of the competition night, 65 girls participated in a national costume show. In alphabetical order, Nguyen Thanh Ha is the last candidate to appear. She brings a green living design consisting of a pure white ao dai combined with a conical hat that is beautifully shaped on a bicycle made of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Nguyen Thanh Ha is impressed by his confidence when performing. When moving to the middle of the stage, the beauty born in 2004 performed some simple hat dance movements, creating a highlight for the competition.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 5

Designer Nguyen Huu Binh said that the white Ao Dai symbolizes a generation of young Vietnamese people who are dynamic, dare to think and dare to do.

The bicycle - a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation - is made from water hyacinth and woven bamboo with a message towards an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

According to the crew, the outfit chosen by Nguyen Thanh Ha is also a symbol of the young generation's sense of preserving national cultural values.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 6

After that, the contestants continued to return to the stage in the ensemble and chanted their names. Nguyen Thanh Ha chose a red dress that flatters her white skin. She wore a high bun showing off her delicate face, chanting Vietnam in the international beauty arena. Thanks to her good performance, Nguyen Thanh Ha was named in the Top 21 of Miss Environment World. The remaining representatives on this list include Cambodia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Nigeria, Mexico, Egypt, Ecuador, Australia, Belgium, Nepal, Paraguay, Mauritius, Belarus, Brazil, USA, China, Costa Rica, Philippines , Panama, South Africa.

The contestants continued with the evening gown competition. Thanks to thorough training with runner-up Hoang Thuy before participating in the international competition, Nguyen Thanh Ha is confident in showing her performance skills. The beauty chose an eye-catchingly attached evening dress, with the highlight being a high slit detailing her slim figure. She was named in the Top 11 to participate in the behavior part.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 7

Nguyen Thanh Ha received the keyword "mental health" in the behavioral test. The beauty thinks that this is a big problem in the world. "I think people's mental health on social media is very important," she said. Nguyen Thanh Ha raised the current problem of visual disparagement and verbal v.iolence. She believes this situation will end if everyone has love. With this answer, Thanh Ha put her name in the top 5 final.

Nguyen Thanh Ha continues to be impressed by her fluent English response about the change of society and the environment after the pandemic. She believes that people's mental health needs to be taken care of and bad habits that affect the environment also need to be addressed. Nguyen Thanh Ha calls on everyone to act together to protect the environment.

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 8

The confidence as well as the way of looking at the problem, giving a definitive solution to help Nguyen Thanh Ha be named for the highest position at the Miss Environment World contest. 1st runner-up belongs to the beautiful Nigerian. The representative from Mauritius won the 2nd runner-up. The 3rd and 4th runner-up titles belonged to the beautiful Cambodian and Ecuadorian.

Nguyen Thanh Ha said: "Before the exam, there were times when I wanted to cry because of the pressure, but I always believed that it was always myself who bravely crossed the limits.

This noble title reminds me to work harder every day. This will also be an unforgettable mark in my life, opening up many opportunities for me to connect with international friends and, above all, giving me the motivation to develop my work and do more good things for the company. life associated with environmental protection".

Super cool info of HH Nguyen Thanh Ha - Ben Tre beauty crowned Miss Eco International 2023 - Photo 9

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