Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly "called names"

Hoàng AnhJun 15, 2024 at 17:09

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Having just debuted with the ABCD-themed MV, the hottest member of JYP's 3rd generation g.irl group, Nayeon has been criticized severely for 2 points. In addition to the faulty mix of music, the female idol is also causing inhibitions because her dance moves her entire sensitive area. Sensitive about the camera, Jennie was also called out at this point.

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 1

After the success of her debut song POP, it became one of Kpop's biggest summer hits. Nayeon ( TWICE) continues to release the mini album NA and ABCD theme MV, marking the second solo promotion of the hottest member of JYP's 3rd generation g.irl group. However, the effect and heat of this MV are far behind expectations. In particular, the most controversial topic currently when mentioning Nayeon's comeback is the outdated and offensive choreography. Although the female idol pursues a seductive, mature image and confidently shows off her popstar charisma in the ABCD MV, Nayeon's dance break has an extremely daring segment.

The detail mentioned is when Nayeon danced with male dancers, performing somewhat sensitive leg movements. Although TWICE has changed its image over the years, this brand new image of Nayeon still makes Kpop fans "matched". People think that Nayeon is too s.exy, even the choreography above is somewhat offensive.

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 2

The controversy surrounding Nayeon wasn't enough, netizens also called out Jennie (BLACKPINK). In 2023, turbulence surrounded the female rapper from BLACKPINK because of an overly violent dance segment with a male dancer in the movie The Idol. These opinions say that Jennie was criticized for her s.exy choreography, but Nayeon is currently following the same "wrong path" as her colleague. It will be a "double standard" when Jennie is the only one doing anything that causes scandal.

TWICE fans tried their best to protect Nayeon from the conflicting opinions that are spreading on social networks. Fans pointed out the sensitive image that netizens spread of Nayeon in just 1-2 seconds. When incorporated into the dance break as a whole, it is difficult to feel objectionable. You cannot use a photo deliberately zoomed in on one movement to criticize the entire dance as "sexual".

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 3

Regarding the MV melody, ABCD is the theme song for her second mini album titled NA. NA is taken from the first two letters of Nayeon's name, and means "I" in Korean, proving that Nayeon's personal identity will be clearly expressed through this album. After the second MV teaser released 2 days ago, Nayeon made everyone mistakenly think that ABCD is a modern hip-hop song and the MV concept will definitely be very Western. Many people expect that Nayeon will transform and appear with a new, bolder style. The song's melody will definitely be very exciting and slay.

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 4

But no... ABCD turned out to be a song that blends music from the 2000s with modern hip-hop elements and a classic pop ballad melody. Nayeon not only did not appear with the expected street play g.irl image, but her appearance was also very limited. There are only 3 or 4 outfits around.

"Molded" by producer Pdogg and JYP president (Park Jin Young), ABCD has lyrics that express a g.irl's confidence and personality in love, r.evealing her mature and seductive side. TWICE's eldest sister. However, the lack of emphasis on the melody makes ABCD pale even though it has a good meaning. The way the music is mixed makes the connection between song segments zero.

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 5

Not to mention the look of this MV is nothing special. Even a bit more outdated than the MVs of other colleagues released a year or two ago. The choreography is also nothing remarkable. There is also a dance break in the MV and that part is also lackluster.

Although her domestic achievements are somewhat "dismal", Nayeon and her new album are well received in the international market. ABCD has risen to the top of the iTunes Vietnam and Thailand charts. The song also entered the iTunes top of the Philippines, Japan and the US at number 2, 4, and 61 respectively.

Nayeon (TWICE) caused controversy because of her sensitive choreography, Jennie was suddenly called names - Photo 6

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