Na Chen: Feng Chen's 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema

Minh LợiApr 05, 2024 at 17:15

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Having no acting experience, his age is still young, but he was assigned the responsibility of portraying the role of Dat Ky in the masterpiece Feng God, Na Nhien caused many controversies for the audience.

The beauty born in 1997 is a hybrid of 2 Russian-Mongolian b.lood. So her beauty is a blend of Western modernity and Eastern classicism. However, her name only exploded after playing the role of Dat Ky in director Wu Ertian's film Feng Chen Three Sets.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 1

Na Nhien first became known as a model in 2015. With the advantage of beauty, Na Nhien appeared in many magazines and advertisements. By 2016, Na Nhien caught the eye of the MV production team for Chau Kiet Luan. Since collaborating as the heroine of the MV "Bubble Confession", Na Nhien is better known to the audience.

However, after that, Mongolian beauties were less active in the field of art. It wasn't until 2018 that she applied for the role of Dat Ky. Believing that, after the effects of the film, Na Nhien will have more opportunities to interact with other big projects and appear more often.

Na's role in Feng Chen Three Pieces

Feng Chen Three Sets is an epic film based on the book Feng Chen Interpretation about the time of the Pillar King. Referring to Feng Chen, it is impossible not to mention the character Dat Ky that ordinary people often liken to "love women harming water".

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 2

However, director Wu Erchen's film does it differently. In particular, Dat Ky is also a poor woman. It turned out that all the crimes that people saw were due to the Pillar King borrowing the name of Dat Ji to hide.

Why is the role of Norway's Dat Ky controversial?

The goal of the film crew is to bring a "new breeze" to Chinese cinema. Therefore, in addition to the roles played by veteran artists such as Hoang Bot, Tran Khôn, Ly Tuyet Kien, Yuan Tuyen,... most of the actors are novice faces or even sideways. Like the character Co Phat (one of the main characters of the film) was also assigned by the director to Yu Thich - a basketball player instead of some male peak liu.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 3

Therefore, when announcing the cast, not only Na Nhien but also the whole crew were questioned about the quality. Na Nhien herself actually only shoots commercials and magazines, acting experience is almost zero.

Meanwhile, Dat Ky is not an easy role. Because it is in Dat Ky that a poor g.irl is struggling with the soul of the nine-tailed fox. The complexity between the inside and the outside, the style of an elf are the difficulties of Dat Century. But this adaptation scenario of Feng Chen Three Qiu, Dang Ji's personality is even more complicated.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 4

Right in the first images, Na Nhien was opposed by the audience because she could not see the charm and mysterious beauty from the actress. Especially the gaze, there was not enough "guidance" of Dat Ky.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 5

Many questioned what fate brought Na to the role. The answer lies in the selection stage itself. It is known that Phong Than is a big project with huge investment. So right from the casting stage, it was held on a huge scale.

The role of Co Phat has more than 15,000 candidates and the role of Dat Ky of Norway also has 14,000 beauties to audition. After being selected, Na Nhien also had to participate in rigorous training sessions to be able to fully play the role of Dat Ky in the most perfect way.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 6

Not only in terms of physical strength, classes in Chinese history are indispensable. There are also classes on manners, rituals, and acting to be able to produce a "water tendency" Dat. The dances that captivate the audience are also the result of 3 months of non-stop practice of her.

In fact, Na's performance in Feng Chen Part 1 is extremely few. However, the Mongolian-born actress was favored for 1 separate trailer. Along with that is an attractive development leading to part 2 (where Dat Ky plays an important role in the film circuit), so the name Na Nhien is extremely interested in the audience.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 7

Regardless of that expectation, Na Nhien uses the few moments to make memories with the audience. Even the 37-year age gap between her and actor Fei Xiang (who plays the Pillar King) was blurred. The audience sees a seemingly innocent Dat Ji but also a charm that can enchant a monarch like the Pillar King.

Finally, it must be mentioned the effort and careful preparation of the film crew. Because of Feng Chen's good effects, new audiences pay more attention to potential new faces of Cbiz.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 8

The real-life beauty of Norway

On a ghostly movie, but few people know that in real life, Na Nhien has a completely different style. Mongolian and Russian hybrids reconcile creating a distinct beauty that is difficult to mix with other miniature flowers. The sharp, liberal quintet of the Mongols has a bit of poetry and elegance of Russian daughters.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 9

In general, in real life, Na Nhien looks gentle and feminine with a little youthful childishness. Being a bright spot brings many advantages of Norway when competing with other female stars.

Na Chen: Feng Chens 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema - Photo 10

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