Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives

Mộc TràNov 01, 2023 at 15:10

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After the finale of Miss Peace International 2023, Nawat, the president of the Miss Grand International pageant, revealed the reasons why Philippine representative Nikki De Moura was not named to the top 20 despite being a highly regarded contestant.

Nawat said Nikki De Moura is not enthusiastic about participating in side activities. She did not compete in the Grand Voice sub-competition, lacking enthusiasm for joint activities.

The organizers have repeatedly suggested that she should be more sociable and active, but the beauty still does not care. She is also said to have a bad attitude towards the makeup, hair, and backstage crew.

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 1

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 2

Mr Nawat said: "It's not my fault that your representatives didn't make it into the Top 20. After slipping into the Top 20, Nikki decided to walk away and even the Country Manager of the Philippines didn't stop her."

Nawat said the organizers invested a lot of m.oney for the contest but the Filipino representative appeared unprofessional. Nawat claimed that the organizers of Miss Peace Philippines 2023 chose the wrong winner and from the first day of the pageant, Nikki De Moura had many problems.

"Filipino audiences don't blame me because you chose the wrong candidate to compete at this year's competition in the first place," Nawat said.

Nawat's comments immediately angered Filipino beauty fans. Philippine website Pageanthology101 quoted Nawat as saying and received reactions from viewers.

Many left criticism of the contest president, claiming that his remarks were one-sided, extreme. Many beauty experts even believe that it is time for the Philippines to say goodbye to the Miss Peace International pageant.

Previously, Nawat and Filipino beauty fans had been at odds. Even the president of Miss Grand International once banned the famous Filipino beauty website - Missosology from publishing information and images related to the Miss Peace contest.

Until 2022, when a new entity in the Philippines acquired the rights and held the Miss Peace Philippines pageant for the first time, many thought that Nawat's conflicts with Filipino fans were somewhat reconciled.

However, after this incident, many Filipino fans have called for beauty pageants in this country not to continue sending representatives to the Miss Peace pageant.

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 3

Last year, after the final of Miss Peace International 2022, Mr. Nawat also angered Vietnamese fans by revealing the reason why Doan Thien An had to stop in the top 20. At that time, Nawat thought that Tian An had big thighs, a long back, and short legs.

Nawat's comments were criticized by Vietnamese fans, who said he was disparaging Tian'an's appearance. However, when the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant is held in Vietnam, Mr. Nawat and the organizers still receive enthusiastic support from Vietnamese fans.

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 4

In another development, not long ago, the Vietnamese beauty fan community could not help but be stirred by the move to unfollow Thuy Tien on Instagram of Ms. Teresa - vice president of Miss Grand International . Not only that, netizens also discovered that some employees of the organization who used to be close to Thuy Tien also acted similarly.

Earlier in July, Nawat also took a tough stance when he unfollowed Thuy Tien after the queen unexpectedly removed the title from the Instagram information section. Although the two later met and interacted, netizens still put a big question mark about the relationship behind, especially when Mr. Nawat has not yet followed his "pet daughter".

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 5

If Mr. Nawat unfollowed Thuy Tien for a specific reason, Teresa's actions puzzled many beauty fans because the previous relationship between the two was quite close. The Vice President of Miss Grand is the one who always talks, confides and cares about her health throughout the process of carrying out activities within the framework of the contest. She also many times gave winged compliments to the queen Vietnamese. During Nawat's previous "anger", Teresa herself followed Thuy Tien and met happily with the queen.

This time, despite unfollowing the queen, Teresa still pinned the post about Thuy Tien on her personal page. In addition, not only Ms. Teresa but also the staff of the pageant also unfollowed Miss Grand International 2021 . At this point, netizens doubt the truth behind this mass unfollow, there are even many opinions that the person who started this drama is none other than Mr. Nawat.

Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives - Photo 6

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