Miss Intercontinental "dotted" Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family?

XukaDec 05, 2023 at 11:21

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Recently, Ngoc Hang and the contestants entered the Glam S.hot photo contest - this is a set of photos used as media for the Miss Intercontinental 2023 contest. The beauties will choose the best dresses to pose in front of the camera.

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 1

Vietnamese representative - Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang fascinated Miss Intercontinental fans with a dress inspired by the night sky in the desert in Egypt. It is known that this is a design from Fashion House 9192 dedicated to Ngoc Hang, according to earlier, she expected to wear this dress in the ranking finale.

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 2

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 3

The dress with the main turquoise tone is elaborately attached with a color scheme effect that creates sparkle for the wearer, the back flap helps Ngoc Hang confidently toss the skirt to capture the outstanding beautiful moments. This has fans expecting her to take confident strides in the upcoming finale.

With a height of 1m74 and a balanced measurement of 3 rings, the delicate openings of the dress also make Vietnamese representatives much sexier. She will undoubtedly have the best photos, fiercely competing with this year's cast of contestants in Egypt.

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 4

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 5

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 6

Although he is only 20 years old, it is easy to see that the first time he brought the bell to f.ight the land of Ngoc Hang, he was not inferior in the forest of beauties. She always knows how to attract people with genuine outfits. Will luck smile on Vietnam this season?

The highest achievement of the Vietnamese sash at the Miss Intercontinental battle line belongs to Bao Ngoc. She has defeated many heavyweights in the 2022 season to step up to the throne.

Becoming the representative of Vietnam to Miss Intercontinental, also known as Miss Intercontinental, 2nd runner-up Ngoc Hang shared: "Bao Ngoc's shadow is too big, she is too good, so I am afraid that when announcing my name, people will not support me. Taking on this responsibility is both an opportunity and a challenge for me in the journey ahead. But I will work hard to continue to bring glory to my country."

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 7

Objectively, Ngoc Hang also converges many advantages, among which there are also some similarities with Bao Ngoc seniors. The most noticeable is the ability to communicate well, confidently, and the queen's mature and intelligent answer.

Besides, the beauty also possesses impressive artistic talent when she can both sing and dance professionally. She is even proficient in karate and has won many martial arts medals. Jade Hang is so multi-talented that Bao Yue herself has to admit that she has many bad points and wins many winged compliments to Jade Hang.

"Personally, I think Yu Hang is already a talented g.irl. My brother can even sing and dance at the same time, I look back I don't know what to do. So I believe that Ngoc Hang will have many more opportunities to shine", Miss Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc shared.

Not stopping there, Ngoc Hang is also considered a good post-school g.irl with a dense achievement table. She repeatedly went viral on social media with photos showing off piles of certificates and medals so much that there was no place to be. She also impresses with her ability to speak English fluently and confidently.

Ngoc Hang was born in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, currently a student at Western Sydney University of Australia. She has wowed fans with a series of outstanding sports achievements such as: Second Degree of Legend in Karate at the national level, bronze medal in the national Phu Dong Health Council, bronze medal certificate in women's Karate fighting at the Youth Karate Championship of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM in 2013...

Miss Intercontinental dotted Ngoc Hang for one point, will Bao Ngoc crown her family? - Photo 8

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