Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up

N.PNov 12, 2022 at 14:55

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Seamless flowers, Miss Grand International 2022 runner-up is currently regularly livestreaming selling dried chicken, skin-whitening food, coffee, cosmetics... for Mr. Nawat. When asked about this issue, Thuy Tien spoke up in defense of the queens.

During the 2 weeks of the coronation and returning to Thailand, the Misses and runner-ups of Miss Grand continuously appeared on the livestream to sell products to President Nawat. The products offered by the queen are quite diverse from dried, fish sauce to functional foods. This makes beauty fans unhappy. Most of the public thinks that beautiful people should have professional jobs, more suitable for their position.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 1

As the previous Miss, Thuy Tien also shared about this issue. Specifically, in the sharing session with the media, Thuy Tien expressed her own views on the issue of the flowers and runner-ups of MGI 2022 who regularly livestream sales for the president of MGI. With an open perspective, the post-Vietnamese g.irl thinks that this activity of the juniors is completely normal. MGI 2021 deduces that due to the bad effects of the recent series of noises, the public has a less sympathetic view of this incident.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 2

She shared: "Fairy, Tien has never had a livestream to sell dry chicken. But the problem here is that Tien thinks that when she just livestreams and doesn't do anything for the community, it is to blame. And if she livestreams to earn m.oney If you get m.oney, then go to charity, then nothing. That's not called morally wrong to m.ake m.oney.

Maybe people are having a negative view of the competition and previous scandals, so everything is pushed in a more negative way. In general, the first impression always leaves a lasting impression. Tien also understands, but Tien doesn't think it deserves criticism or criticism. Unless they're just too focused on selling and not doing charity or helping the community, it's worth mentioning."

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 3

Thuy Tien's answer cleverly did not mention the Top 10 Miss Grand International, but the online community still "implicitly understands" that the things that the former Miss Peace talked about. Because currently, the 10 best beauties of the 2022 season are in Thailand and often have livestream activities to sell Mr. Nawat's branded items, including the new Miss International Peace is no exception. rate.

The words shared by the post-Vietnamese woman received many compliments from fans. In it, she is highly appreciated for her intelligence and ingenuity when it comes to her juniors. At the same time, through that, the beauty born in 1998 also helps the public to have a more open view on this issue.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 4

According to Thuy Tien's previous schedule in Thailand, she participated in charity activities large and small with Miss Grand organization as the new Miss International Peace 2021. While the new Miss Grand Brazilian - the successor of the queen can only participate in one charity event in Indonesia. When coming to Thailand, Isabella Menin did not have any outstanding volunteer activities in the land of the Golden Temple like Thuy Tien before. Many people think that Brazilian beauties are suffering a lot of injustice in being Nawat to build the image of a new beauty.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 5

Recently, Isabella - Miss International Peace 2022 had a livestream with the runner-up Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia on the personal Facebook page of Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil - President of the contest and the homepage of Miss Grand Thailand. .

In the livestream, the beauties constantly introduce products, try live right on the air. The 5th runner-up of the Philippines is the main lead of the sale. The livestream attracted thousands of live viewers.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 6

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 7

The products introduced by the queens at this livestream come from Mr. Nawat's brand, including: dry chicken, coffee, skin whitening food and perfume. At the end of the livestream, Mr. Nawat personally led the sale.

This is not the first time that Miss Brazil and the livestream runner-ups sell on social networking platforms. Previously, the beauties had livestreamed selling feng shui jewelry and bags together. In the livestream, 10 girls crowded together in the small screen, introducing products in turn.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 8

Not only working together, the Top 10 Miss International Peace 2022 also works individually. The first job of the 5th runner-up Cambodia - Pich Votey when he arrived in the Land of the Golden Temple was selling dry goods for Mr. Nawat's brand. With the ability to speak Thai well, the Cambodian beauty led the livestream smoothly. After being appointed for 3 days, the 5th runner-up Philippines - Roberta Angela Tamondong flew to Thailand to do the work... livestream selling collagen products with the 5th runner-up of Miss Grand Thailand 2022 - Charlotte Austin.

Miss Brazil "shy" was criticized for the livestream selling dry chicken and bags, Thuy Tien spoke up - Photo 9

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