Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi

Bút BiJun 14, 2024 at 17:26

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Minh Nghi (Tran Nguyen Minh Nghi), is the news MC and host of League of Legends: Wild Rift. She is a former university student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City National University.

Her affinity for League of Legends has appeared since high school, when she often spent time with her classmates playing League of Legends after class. After graduating, Minh Nghi caught the "eye" of VETV and became an MC.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 1

In the early days of his career, Minh Nghi encountered a lot of pressure. She herself is a person who thinks a lot and is often worried, so tasks such as memorizing the script, pronunciation, focusing on the camera... take a lot of time for her to adapt. In particular, those pressures increased because she began to become more famous, and negative comments from the online community began to be directed at her.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 2

That's why sometimes Minh Nghi feels hurt and confused. However, with encouragement from her family and friends and colleagues, she gradually became more calm and persevered with the path she chose.

Few people know that Minh Nghi had a break to focus on studying and trying other fields of work. It was during this time that people saw a new side of Minh Nghi, as a photographer.

Sharing in an interview, this is a way for her to keep her fire with eSports, while preserving memories and being more connected to the work she is doing. She still maintains that habit to this day.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 3

Everyone has their own brilliant and memorable milestones. For Minh Nghi, perhaps it was the time she accompanied MSI 2019. During this time, the image of the Vietnamese female MC with a petite figure and pretty appearance in traditional ao dai was captured. attracting a lot of attention from the online community. However, this is also a huge challenge for Minh Nghi.

However, she is still very confident with her saying "No pain, no gain". Until now, her thoughts have not changed when talking about her most memorable memories.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 4

However, after a long time with VCS, Minh Nghi suddenly stopped. Many people expressed regret when the "national" female MC left the familiar eSports sport. Leaving his close home and close colleagues at VETV, Minh Nghi was like a bird leaving its nest, spreading its wings to fly in his own private sky.

"During my time working at VCS, I have collaborated with many brothers and sisters. The commentators, technicians, and staff of VCS have helped me become more mature and resilient. Recently, when I returned With the analysis desk, I remember a lot of coaches like Sergh, Yuna, JackieWind... who guided me a lot in terms of professional insight into the game during my time practicing sitting at the analysis desk at Worlds.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 5

Minh Nghi also wants to thank VETV, GG Stadium and the team staff for helping me recently," she shared.

Some time later, netizens were even more surprised when she joined VNG to jointly develop the fledgling game League of Legends: Wild Rift in Vietnam. Besides the familiar role of MC, she also holds the role of Esports Executive, also known as Esports Expert.

Walking on a new path is indeed not simple at all. It's even more difficult when Minh Nghi's first newsletter with Wild Rift is related to Icon Series SEA - the first major tournament in the region.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 6

Thinking that she would face a lot of pressure, but on the contrary, Minh Nghi even felt excited. Initiation, harshness and potential are the three words she said about the tournament as well as the Wild Rift game.

This is the first tournament of this sport, and after what the teams showed at Icon Series SEA, I feel the potential for developing e-sports of Wild Rift is wide open. In addition, the short competition and knockout also made me feel that the pre-season was relatively... harsh for the teams," Minh Nghi said with a smile.

Just with that, people can understand how much effort Minh Nghi is putting into the news, which as she said is her "brainchild". Both MC and Esports Specialist jobs are not too difficult. Of course, when she gets stuck, her colleagues are all ready to support her, making her feel like a princess in the land of eSports.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 7

Wishing Anh, Minh Nghi's new companion, is also very loved by her. Chuc Anh's appearance is very necessary for Minh Nghi, although many people are a bit confused about this.

Along with her current job, Minh Nghi always tries to improve the things she feels she does not do well. Currently, she is trying to improve the quality of content on the analysis desk as well as news reports.

At the same time, studying and office work are still given priority by Minh Nghi. Then there's the YouTube channel and streaming too. Perhaps Minh Nghi will have a lot of work to do in the future. I hope she will have good health to complete her own plans.

"From the time I started this job until now, I've always thought of myself as just a normal 'employee', people see me because people watch the tournament, not me. Year after year, Sorry everyone for the times I disappointed you, thank you everyone for being tolerant and staying by my side."

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 8

On the other hand, for Minh Nghi, 2020 is a year of many unexpected things. Not only did she succeed with her existing plans, she also "acquired" the white horse prince of the "land" of CS:GO named Bomman.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 9

The two are having an "exciting" time as they continuously broadcast "salary" to netizens, making anyone who looks jealous because of the couple's cuteness. A lot of "walking" comments on social networks are almost a "specialty" of Minh Nghi as well as Bomman.

Bomman then caused a surprise when he posted the Marriage Certificate on his personal Facebook. In July 2022, the two officially returned to the same house after a grand wedding ceremony.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 10

After getting married, Minh Nghi gradually gave up his full-time job at Esports tournaments to focus on studying, developing other areas as well as investing in business. Currently, she is also practicing livestreaming to close orders on Tiktok shop and receiving support from the audience and the gaming community.

Minh Nghi: princess of Vietnamese eSports village, sweet love with junior Do Mixi - Photo 11

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