Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sister's boyfriend

Phúc SenJun 07, 2024 at 15:35

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After the noisy "bloodshed" of her biological mother stealing her boyfriend from her youngest daughter, Miley Cyrus until now when asked about her family, having a boyfriend marrying and having children, she always avoids, opens up and shows herself not ready. Many people said that perhaps she was not out of s.hock.

In an interview with W magazine, Miley confided: "I'm 31 years old, but I still don't know if I'm going to have a b.aby. I feel like the fans are my brainchildren in a way. I also heard my godmother - singer Dolly Parton - say that and indeed, she did not give birth."

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 1

Known since she was a c.hild star, experiencing many ups and downs in her career and personal life, Miley Cyrus said that at this stage, she felt that she was really balanced and well-balanced. "I have a rule that I don't overestimate or belittle anyone. I just observe, it allows me to see the life around me clearly, true to the nature of people and things," Miley said.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 2

Miley was married to actor Liam Hemsworth from December 2018 to August 2019. Currently, she is dating musician Maxx Morando (25 years old). In an interview with W magazine, Miley also said that she was not taken seriously at the most prestigious music a.ward in the American entertainment industry - the Grammys.

Earlier this year, Miley received the Grammy A.ward for Record of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance for the single Flowers. These were Miley's first two Grammy trophies in her singing career. According to the International Federation of the Recording Industry, Flowers is the world's most popular single in 2023. The song reached 2.7 billion online listens.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 3

Earlier on February 28 (US time), Us Weekly suddenly published information that Miley Cyrus' mother - Tish Cyrus "robbed" the boyfriend of her youngest daughter Noah Cyrus. Accordingly, Noah Cyrus noticed Prison Break star Dominic Purcell first and began to pursue him. Tish Cyrus, although she knows her daughter's feelings, still decides to date and marry Dominic Purcell. This source also revealed that the conflict between the two mothers and daughters was so tense that Miley Cyrus had to hire a team of bodyguards at Tish Cyrus - Dominic Purcell's wedding because she was afraid that Noah Cyrus would come to destroy her.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 4

Meanwhile, Tish Cyrus often talks about her love story with the Prison Break star. Accordingly, they messaged each other for the first time in 2016 on the social network Instagram. At that time, Dominic Purcell gave many kind words to Tish, and at the same time expressed his concern for her family. However, Tish Cyrus did not respond, and Dominic Purcell also stopped her. When Tish Cyrus divorced Billy Ray Cyrus, she took the initiative to contact Dominic Purcell and received a response. During that period of loss of contact, Dominic Purcell was reportedly dating Noah Cyrus. The Daily Mail questioned the short-lived love affair between Dominic and Noah as a "conspiracy" for the actor to approach Tish Cyrus. The drama of stealing her daughter's boyfriend made Miley Cyrus' mother fiercely criticized.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 5

A person close to Tish Cyrus who has worked with Tish Cyrus for five years has denied this information. This person called Dominic Purcell's dating of Noah Cyrus a "stupid rumor". "Tish is a wonderful human being and mother. I hope I can become a good mother like her. I feel sorry when people keep talking about her," a close person told Page Six. This news site has contacted Tish Cyrus, Noah Cyrus and also Dominic Purcell but has not received a response.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 6

This is not the only information that proves that Cyrus' family is in conflict. The media reported that the family was splitting, with Miley - Brandi - Trace on the side of Tish's mother and Braison - Noah on the side of Billy Ray's father. At Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell's wedding, only Miley - Brandi and Trace attended and Braison - Noah happily went shopping without caring about the event.

Miley Cyrus dodges, afraid to give birth after noisy biological mother steals her sisters boyfriend - Photo 7

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