Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career

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On October 31, Lionel Messi surpassed Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe to win the 2023 Ballon d'Or. However, he is about to face a big problem when operating with the host team.

After this year's Ballon d'Or a.ward ceremony ended instead of lingering in France, Messi and his family boarded a plane to return to the United States, reuniting with teammates at Inter Miami club. Landing safely, the Argentine superstar was greeted like a hero by his close brothers.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 1

Accordingly, Inter Miami players lined up in 2 vertical rows, firing congratulatory cannons as Lionel Messi passed. The number 8 symbolizes the number of Golden Balls the 36-year-old owns also prepared for him by his teammates.

After the big welcome, the Argentine superstar had a brief sharing before the players signed the number 8 as a souvenir. According to statistics, Messi is the first name of the American Professional League (MLS) to win the Golden Ball a.ward. Therefore, this title is considered an honor for both the league and Inter Miami club.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 2

The 2023 season has come to a close with Inter Miami and Messi. However, the team led by coach Tata Martino is expected to have a tour in the near future. Initially, Inter Miami was scheduled to travel to China to compete this weekend. However, the Daily Mail revealed the trip has been cancelled, with the team now looking for an alternative venue.

At the conclusion of the international series in mid-November, the Argentine superstar will embark on a family holiday, which runs until early 2024. The 36-year-old admits he is not used to this.

"I've talked to my colleagues about that, how difficult it will be this time without playing. I've never been on vacation this long. It was probably the most difficult time after I left Europe," Messi said about taking a break from playing due to Inter Miami's failure to win the American League (MLS) play-off spot.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 3

However, the player who owns 8 Golden Balls affirmed that he is still happy and does not regret his decision to join Inter Miami. He was optimistic and said it would be family time, and thanked David Beckham.

"Take advantage of this moment with my family, enjoy more time in Argentina. It's something I've always wanted and never been able to because I always have games after a few days. Let's enjoy a little bit of those things right now," Messi said.

During this long-term vacation, coach Gerardo Martino's army will train until November 17 at Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA). After that, Lionel Messi and the Argentina team prepared for the South American qualifiers to face Uruguay (17/11), Brazil (22/11).

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 4

In addition, a friendly match in early 2024 for Inter Miami is also being planned as it prepares to play Newell's Old Boys - the 36-year-old's former team in Argentina.

Notably, after w.inning the 8th Ballon d'Or in his career, Messi declared himself worthy of a farewell match to Barca. Accordingly, on the day of being honored in Paris, the Argentine superstar "avoided" mentioning PSG with 2 incomplete seasons, but once again talked about his love for Barca - the club he affirmed to love all his life.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 5

In the summer of 2021, Messi had to leave this club in an unexpected way, because President Joan Laporta was behind that shocking decision. It was also because of the trauma that during the 2023 Ballon d'Or awards, although the head of the Catalan team also appeared, the guy definitely did not greet or touch once.

Considered the greatest number 10 at the Nou Camp, the Argentine superstar did not have a proper farewell match with Barca, partly because of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Later, the club also talked about holding a match to pay tribute to Messi and recently, Jorge Mas "closed" the issue that he promised the 36-year-old and would do everything possible to make that match happen.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 6

And in the press conference after the 2023 Ballon d'Or awards, Messi himself expressed that he deserves a decent farewell to Barca fans, where he has been attached since he was a b.oy.

"I'd love to say goodbye to everyone in a different way. I think there was still a strange feeling when I left. Things are not at all good after what we have lived and shared together. Barca is my home. I love the club and the people. If such a game takes place, I will be happy to be there...," the 36-year-old said.

Messi sat on a triumphal plane to the United States, facing the most difficult period of his career - Photo 7

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