Bruce Lee - a legendary life and a melancholy departure

team YouTubeJun 26, 2020 at 12:30

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Bruce Lee broke many records, founded Tiep Quyen Dao, known as the father of modern freestyle martial arts (UFC) and also paved the way for the transformation in the world of martial arts. Even Boxing King Mike Tyson once confided: If I f.ight freely, I am not an opponent of Bruce Lee.

It has been 47 years since Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee) passed away, but legendary topics and stories about him have always been of great public interest. Not only a talented martial artist, a martial arts superstar with great influence in China and Hollywood, Bruce Lee is also an infallible art monument of the world. However, his life has too many ups and downs and mysteries.

Bruce Lee - a legendary life and a melancholy departure - Photo 1

Bruce Lee - a legendary life and a melancholy departure - Photo 2

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