Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest

Phượng VũNov 24, 2023 at 17:03

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Possessing a modest height, Le Trang Ngan suddenly overcame all barriers to become the 1st runner-up of Miss Humanity Vietnam 2023. With this victory, she won the ticket to represent Vietnam at Miss Universe 2023. Petite Global.

The final night of Miss Petite Vietnam - Miss Petite Vietnam 2023 took place in Da Lat on the evening of September 16 and attracted the attention of many beauty fans. In addition to the new Miss Tran My Huyen, the beautiful Le Trang Ngan also attracted attention when w.inning the 1st runner-up position. With a height of 145cm, the g.irl from Hanoi was nicknamed the shortest runner-up in history. beauty contests in Vietnam.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 1

Le Trang Ngan was born in 1997 with three measurements of 74-57-86 cm and weight of 40.5 kg. The g.irl from Hanoi is currently the manager of a fashion business. Since she was young, the beauty has dreamed of becoming a beauty queen, however, because of her short height, for many years she has not been able to realize her passion.

In the final night of Miss Humanity Vietnam 2023, Le Trang Ngan and the contestants went through competitions such as office outfit performance, ao dai performance, b.ikini performance and evening gown performance.

Even though she is the contestant with the shortest height at the contest, the Hanoi beauty still shows her confidence and bravery to master the stage. Thanks to that, she put her name in the Top 5 finals and participated in the behavioral competition.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 2

At the end of the interview round, Le Trang Ngan, with a modest height of 1.45 meters, surpassed hundreds of contestants to bring home the noble crown and put her name in the "record" of short Vietnamese runner-up. most in history.

Before that, the l.ittle g.irl always thought that her dream of participating in the beauty contest would not come true because of her limited height. But the Miss Humanity Vietnam 2023 contest has opened up new horizons, giving her a chance to shine that hardly anyone could have thought of.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 3

During the competition, Le Trang Ngan admitted that she could not avoid the pressure but she did not give up. The Hanoi-born beauty sees w.inning the 1st runner-up title as an opportunity and motivation for her to strive, develop, and improve herself.

Trang Ngan added that after registering at Miss Humanity Vietnam, she no longer sees her short b.ody as a disadvantage but sees it as an advantage, a factor that helps people easily remember her.

Speaking after w.inning the noble position, the queen emotionally said: "Nothing is impossible. Let's make everyone feel true beauty not only through appearance, but beauty also radiates from the inside." in, the beauty of a compassionate heart".

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 4

This achievement Le Trang Ngan quickly received special attention from the public. Some netizens speculate that the beauty born in 1997 is the runner-up with the shortest height in Vietnamese beauty history. This way of speaking not only did not upset her, but also found it quite interesting.

The 9X beauty queen explained that if in the past, her height was something that made her feel self-conscious and wanted to improve, now it helps her become more special in the eyes of others. "I'm not afraid of that title," the Hanoi beauty expressed.

It is known that Le Trang Ngan grew up in a situation of deprivation and lack of love from a perfect family. In the past, the 26-year-old beauty started her independent life in 10th grade.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 5

"Because my parents divorced, I had to take care of myself from a very early age. When I was in 10th grade, I worked to earn m.oney to pay tuition. Later, I applied to work as a dishwasher for the university cafeteria. "Overtime, I also collect cans at the restaurant I work at to sell to earn extra income. Currently, my father has a peaceful life with his new family, so I want to take on a lot of responsibility for my mother," she said. post-narrative.

Le Trang Ngan once dreamed of studying fashion design, but due to large budget and family circumstances, it was not allowed. Ngan had to temporarily put aside her passion. After that, the beauty attended a cosmetic tattoo class so she could study and work at the same time. It wasn't until later that she boldly opened a fashion store.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 6

After 3 years of striving, Le Trang Ngan has her own position in the profession and is currently planning to open a trading company specializing in selling cosmetic products. Thanks to her passion for fashion and the support of her family and friends, the g.irl born in 1997 decided to register to participate in the Miss Petite Vietnam 2023 contest.

A while ago, the contest organizers decided to choose Le Trang Ngan to participate in the Miss Petite Global 2024 contest. At the national contest, the beauty won the title of 1st runner-up. Even though she is only 1.45m tall. , but she left a strong impression with her radiant appearance and confidence when appearing on stage.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 7

The 9X queen expressed her surprise, but was also extremely happy and couldn't help but feel pressured when she received the information. She planned to practice, hoping to be thoroughly prepared before competing in Malaysia. The beauty also took advantage of this time to hone her catwalk skills, communication skills, foreign languages, and especially physical training to maintain the best spirit and health.

Le Trang Ngan further shared that when competing in Miss Petite Global 2024, she wants to introduce the beauty of her homeland and Vietnamese people to international friends. The beauty does not place much importance on w.inning the highest title, but just wants to be able to overcome difficulties and win herself.

Miss Petite Global is a beauty arena that encourages women of modest height to become models of change and empowerment. The contest promotes educational values, exploits individual talents and builds a successful environment through creativity, confidence, and spreading humanity in the community.

Le Trang Ngan: The beauty with the shortest height in history is still crowned runner-up in the beauty contest - Photo 8

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